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After eight straight days of not knowing where 30-year-old Jason John might be, the John family finally got the answer they had been waiting for. Austin police said around 6:40 p.m. On February 13, officers found John at Lady Bird Lake, near 30 East Avenue.

We heard there was some activity at the lake. We knew we had to hurry because they told us there was actually police tape,” said Rinju John, Jason’s brother. According to an Austin Travis County EMS spokesperson, medics were called to Lady Bird Lake near Cummings Street and East Ave Monday night.

Jason John Age

Jason John was 51 years old.

Cause of Death Jason John

There, doctors pulled a body out of the water. John’s family says the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed it was Jason. “We’re still in shock and we’re still processing, but at least now we have some closure,” Rinju said. Jason had been missing since February 5th. He was last seen leaving Rainey Street after a night out with friends.

According to his older brother, Rinju, surveillance video captured about 10 minutes of Jason’s drive home and the other eight minutes went unrecorded due to a lack of cameras on the trail. Over a week later, Jason’s body was found in the lake. Rinju says that the medical examiner told the family that Jason had no visible damage or scars.

“It’s never easy. We’re going to keep remembering that,” he said. Rinju says that Jason was the voice of the family because he was a very friendly guy. “He’s always a prankster, and he just made everyone so happy, so I’m going to miss the presence of having him around,” Rinju said.

Rinju strongly believes that the lakeside trail needs better lighting along with cameras. He adds that he’s not alone in thinking this because his mother strongly believes that it could have saved Jason, and he plans to be the one to do something about it.

“The main thing is that he’s not done with Austin. He’s planning to maybe move to Texas. He wants that road lit. He wants cameras there. We all want that,” he said. Rinju says that putting lights on that path would be the ultimate testimony of Jason’s life.

“Then in the future, anyone who walks on a trail will be safe and know that it was Jason John who made this happen,” he said. FOX 7 Austin reached out to Mayor Kirk Watson on the family’s call for better lighting. “We all held out hope that Mr. John was found safe.

 I am heartbroken for Mr. John’s friends and family and am so sorry that he passed away. Councilor Qadri and I share the family’s concerns about lighting and safety along the trail, and we are in contact with The Trail Conservancy on ways to address these issues. I would also like to thank the Austin police and search and rescue teams for their tireless efforts.” The investigation into the circumstances of John’s death is currently ongoing, police said.

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