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A heartbroken California couple is suing a high-end fertility clinic after its negligence caused the couple’s child to be born with a devastating rare stomach cancer gene they had planned to prevent. Jason and Melissa Diaz accuse HRC Fertility of implanting an embryo carrying the CDH1 mutation without their knowledge, according to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Gastric cancer, and will require a preventative gastrectomy, or removal of the stomach, the lawsuit claims. “Every day my heart aches for my baby knowing the pain and challenges that lie ahead for her,” Melissa said, according to the New York Post. Jason and Melissa decided to have IVF genetic testing because they both have risk genetic malformations.

Jason and Melissa Diaz Age

Jason and Melissa Diaz is 43 years old.

Incident Detail

Melissa is a BRCA-1 carrier, which has an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and Jason has the CDH1 mutation, which is linked to hereditary diffuse gastric cancer, CBS reported. In 2018, Jason was diagnosed with gastric cancer, for which chemotherapy was unsuccessful before he decided to undergo a gastrectomy that left him with a lifetime of eating and digestive complications.

The couple decided to save their unborn child from want and sought out HRC Fertility in Pasadena. Additionally, in December 2018, the couple met with Dr. Bradford Kolb, a reproductive endocrinologist, noted on the HRC website for “helping develop and implement cutting-edge technologies in embryo genetic screening.”

“From the beginning, [the couple] expressly advised HRC Fertility, its employees, and Dr. Kolb that they were seeking IVF with preimplantation genetic testing to avoid having a child with Jason’s CDH1 mutation for diffuse gastric cancer. hereditary,” the lawsuit states, according to the Daily Beast.

The couple had five viable embryos, and all but one of the remaining embryos carried BRCA-1 or CHD1. A clear embryo with no mutations was implanted in August 2020, but unfortunately the pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. So Jason and Melissa decided to implant a male embryo with the BRCA-1 mutation in January 2022, assuming there is less risk of a man developing breast cancer.

In September, Melissa gave birth to her son and “[the couple thought they] had broken the curse that had doomed other family members to cancer and an early death,” the complaint says. However, tragedy unfolded when Melissa asked the IVF coordinator for the embryo report of her son, now a “happy and joyful boy”, but was shocked to discover that the hospital had misled her after the result showed that the child had both the breast and the stomach.

cancer mutations, the lawsuit alleges. Melissa claimed that HRC eventually called and admitted there was a mistake in the process. Still, the couple now believe that Kolb did not transfer a male embryo without the CDH1 gene because that mutation-free embryo did not exist. , HRC Fertility placed the blame, saying the couple had genetic tests done off-site and that the clinic assisted in the actions of its medical staff.

“They wanted a male embryo transferred to them, which we carried out in accordance with the explicit wishes of the family and in accordance with the highest level of care,” the spokesperson told the outlet. At a press conference, Jason and Melissa spoke emotionally about the consequences of HRC’s alleged action on their son’s future. “We went through the difficult and expensive process of IVF so we could spare our children what Jason has been through,” said Melissa.

“[Our son is] such a happy baby, and knowing the pain in front of him, that he has to deal with because of something we’re trying to avoid, crushes me.” “I wouldn’t want anyone on Earth to experience this kind of pain, and now I’m going to be forced to watch my own son, my own flesh and blood, go through this.” Jason and Melissa’s son will require preventative stomach removal to avoid cancer.

The couple decided to wait until their son has finished developing, as a premature gastrectomy could cause physical and cognitive problems, the Daily Beast said.The lawsuit seeks financial compensation for emotional distress and future loss of wages and medical attention.

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