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James and Nicole Davis Wiki – James and Nicole Davis Biography

On December 29, 2022, 25-year-old James Davis passed away after sustaining severe burns in an explosion in Atlantic County. The incident took place on Christmas night when James was building a fire in his in-laws’ backyard in Mullica Township, New Jersey.

The GoFundMe fundraiser was organized by his wife, Nicole Davis, who said it was to help with their medical expenses. She added that they do not have insurance and need travel expenses to the hospital and basic necessities for her one-year-old daughter, Elliana.

James and Nicole Davis Age

Nicole Davis was 31 years old.

James and Nicole Davis  Cause of Death

The fundraiser has raised over $28,000 as of this writing. At her fundraiser, she brought up the details of the incident, which took place when James was building a fire while Nicole, Elliana and the rest of the family were inside.

On December 25, 2022, Nicole Davis said that she and her family heard a loud bang outside her home but mistook it for a gunshot. However, when Bill Smith, Nicole’s father, looked outside, he saw that her son-in-law had caught fire. Soon, Bill, Nicole, and her brother tried to extinguish the fire for almost three to five minutes. They used blankets to try to put out the fire before James was airlifted to Philadelphia.

According to NJ.com, Mullica Township Police Chief Brian Zeck said it was a dying flame in the bonfire that caused the explosion after James Davis used gas to reignite the fire. The fire was classified as an accident. James was airlifted to the Temple Burn Center in Philadelphia.

It was reported that most of his body was burned, with 80% third degree burns and 10% second degree. In the fundraising post, Nicole wrote that the only parts of her husband’s body that were not affected were her feet, hands, and the upper half of her face.

The fundraising campaign was initially created when James was hospitalized. At that time, Nicole had written that recovery would take a long time, and James would face serious setbacks. Four days after the incident, Nicole announced that her husband had died from her injuries, surrounded by her family and her best friend in her final hours.

She also mentioned that the funds raised are over $28,000 and will be used for funeral expenses, medical bills and her daughter’s needs. James was born in Aurora, Colorado, and spent most of his life in Florida, where he worked various jobs. He was born to James Davis Jr and Jeanne Marie Davis (née Nolan).

James, who was educated at home, lived in various places throughout his life and made friends wherever he went. After marrying Nicole, the couple moved to Port Charlotte, Florida, where James worked as an operations leader at the Charlotte Harbor Conference and Events Center.

He, too, worked as a corrections officer, but returned to New Jersey in October 2022 after Hurricane Ian damaged the couple’s home. James Davis was to begin training him in January 2023 for the Florida Highway Patrol’s State Trooper program. His hobbies included skateboarding, going to the beach, hiking, being outdoors, and building and shooting his guns. He also loved spending time with his friends and family.

The obituary for him on the Boakes Funeral Home website stated: Along with his wife and daughter, James Davis is also survived by his parents, two siblings, his in-laws, his paternal grandmother, and many nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends.

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