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The victim was tragically shot as he was leaving his home with his pregnant wife and three children, and the Oakland Police Department has been sued for allegedly enabling a squatter to terrorise his neighbour. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed this week in federal court in California by the family of murdered Miles Armstead.

He was shot in the back of the head in May 2020 as he and his family were leaving their Ney Avenue house by Jamal Thomas, who is currently in jail. The day before he was assassinated, Amstead and his wife Melina had decided to sell the home they had laboriously purchased, but as they fled from Thomas, he ambushed them and killed Amstead.

Jamal Thomas Age

Jamal Thomas is 50 years old.

Jamal Thomas Incident Detail

They had previously called the Oakland Police Department 23 times for assistance, but the police there did nothing but turn a blind eye. The officers also made fun of Amstead and Thomas’ predicament by calling them “two twelve-year-old girls.” Miles Armstead attended the University of San Francisco and worked as a private banker for Wells Fargo Bank’s Regional Bank II, according to his Facebook profile.

According to Courthouse News Service, the 44-year-old father of four, who was also expecting a child with his second wife, was shot and killed while working in the yard of his East Oakland home on May 1, 2020. Thomas had been harassing the family for months. Jamal Thomas, 46, was residing unlawfully at a neighbour’s home after being kicked out months before, according to police records at the time, when the months-long dispute between the two men started.

Then, in November 2019, Thomas started a cycle of harassment towards the six-person family, frantically hammering on his door and even attempting to get inside. After weeks of pestering, he finally forced authorities to detain him for making “terrorist threats” against the family, roughly a month before the murder. However, Thomas was freed a few days later, and it’s said that the most of Armstead’s 23 calls to the police to report Thomas’s misdeeds went ignored.

According to the lawsuit, when police officers arrived, they mainly disregarded Armstead’s complaints, whined about being understaffed, or ascribed Armstead’s problems to insignificant incidents. In an attempt to enter the Armstead house on Thanksgiving Day 2019, Thomas screamed incoherently as he beat wildly on the front door. The lawsuit details how the family was dissatisfied with the police department’s conduct.

The lawsuit begins by stating, “Unfortunately, this was only the first incident in a six-month sequence of increasingly harassing and threatening behaviour directed at the Armstead family.” It then goes on to describe the dangers Armstead and his family faced during that time. The lawsuit states that the initial taunting, verbal threats, knocking on the door, ringing the doorbell, and other disruptive behaviour made up the pattern of ongoing threats and harassment.

The Armsteads called the police on a regular basis and reported the incidents. The lawsuit claims that the accused Oakland Police Department officers “failed to apprehend, detain, and/or restrain the behaviour. According to attorneys seeking payment for the family’s misery and suffering, Oakland police officers claimed that they were “understaffed, overworked, and the family’s pleas for help were not a high priority.”

The cops spoke to Thomas next door while they were outside, “implicitly indicating that he could continue to harass him with impunity,” the complaint claims. He further asserts that an OPD officer, annoyed by Armstead’s worries, told the two men that they had been “acting like 12-year-old girls.” In According with the lawsuit, Alejandro Padilla, an Oakland police officer, made the remark on February 26, 2020, right before he and a partner detained Thomas after learning that the suspect was threatening Armstead with a baseball bat when they arrived on the scene.

After receiving the 11th call from the family since November, Miles Armstead allegedly informed police the suspect had threatened to start a fire in his house while his family was present. At that time, the department had three police reports on file outlining violent acts the defendant had performed, including one in which Melina, who was then pregnant, suffered serious injuries “from broken glass that struck her.” during one of his outbursts, according to the lawsuit.

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