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After suffering extensive injuries at home, seven-year-old Jaevion Riley recently died after being in a coma for a week. He was found unconscious in an apartment in Manchester, New Hampshire. According to authorities, the injuries made the whole situation “suspicious” as they found out that Riley was burned and beaten.

An autopsy has not yet been performed. However, the seven-year-old’s father, Murtadah Mohammad, was arrested and is facing various charges. According to the mother of the deceased child, the burns could be from oil or boiling water. However, it was later discovered that Murtadah had used hot water and electric wires to punish Jaevion for lying.

Jaevion Riley Age

Jaevion Riley was 07 years old.

Jaevion Riley  Cause of Death

The horrifying incident took place in Manchester, New Hampshire, when Jaevion Riley was discovered severely burned at her residence. Although he was rushed to a local hospital, Jaevion succumbed to his injuries on January 24.

Following this, her father, Murtadah Mohammad, was arrested for allegedly being related to the seven-year-old’s death. He faces various charges, including first degree assault, second degree assault, endangering the welfare of a child and falsifying physical evidence. Jaevion Riley’s mother, Rainah, mentioned that she allegedly noticed signs of abuse after Mohammad was given split custody of the seven. -year old.

Before the boy’s death, she said: NBC 10 obtained court documents indicating that Mohammad mentioned that there was a pot of water on the stove while she was taking a shower. She went on to say that she didn’t see what happened to Jaevion Riley while she was away.

However, the authorities found the version inconsistent since she later confessed to having used “hot water and electric cables to discipline his son for lying.” The seven-year-old’s mother, Rainah, further stated: Amani Lameldin, a neighbor, described Jaevion Riley as “a very good and kind boy” as well as “very calm, respectful.” She added:

According to Manchester Police Chief Allen D. Aldenberg, authorities are currently investigating the tragic death of seven-year-old Jaevion. It is unclear whether or not Murtadah Mohammad has entered a guilty plea, but a public defender has been appointed for him.

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