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An alleged rape victim has received an apology from the Crown Prosecution Service after her case was dismissed because defense lawyers claimed she had an episode of ‘sexsomnia’. Jade McCrossen-Nethercott’s charges were dismissed when the defense argued that she had a rare sleepwalking condition that caused people to engage in sexual activity in their sleep. The case was dropped in October 2020, but CPS has now admitted that the allegations should have been proven at trial.

However, there is no prospect of the case being reopened as McCrossen-Nethercott’s alleged attacker has been formally acquitted in court. The 30-year-old works for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. She has waived her right to anonymity to speak about her case and is taking legal action against CPS. “I want to hold CPS accountable for its failures and hopefully make sure there is some change for the better,” she said. “It’s all been horrible and it’s had a terrible impact on me. It’s been so bad that I was considering suicide last year, and it’s all because of how this case was handled and ultimately closed. I often feel like this was more damaging than the rape itself.

Jade McCrossen-Nethercott Age

Jade McCrossen-Nethercott is 16 years old.

Incident Detail

McCrossen-Nethercott first reported being raped in March 2017, after falling asleep fully clothed on a sofa after a party. She woke up with the feeling that she had been penetrated at 5 in the morning. Furthermore, she was also half-naked and had the memory of what had happened. A man who was on the couch next to her was later charged with rape after forensic swabs detected her semen.

But he denied the charge. McCrossen-Nethercott claims she had never heard of sexsomnia before and blames the defense for bringing it up after she made a comment about sleeptalking as a child during her police interview. They said this might have given the defendant the impression that she was awake and consenting. She came completely out of nowhere, and it was unnerving,” she said.

“I’ve had two long-term relationships spanning 13 years, and I’ve never had anything like this. I don’t see how this can be an isolated incident, which just so happens to be the moment someone they’ve never consented to having sex with had sexual intercourse with me.” The law states that someone is not guilty of rape if she has given her consent to the act. The CPS had said there was no realistic prospect of conviction and the defendant was formally acquitted.

CPS guidelines state that defenses against sexsomnia and sleepwalking must be “vigorously challenged.” Malcolm McHaffie, who is chief crown prosecutor, reviewed the case and found that he should have gone to trial. More than 50 cases have been uncovered in the last 20 years in which a defendant claimed to have a sexsomnia when he was accused of rape.

His case is believed to be the first in which the defense has argued that the complainant has the condition. “Rape is a devastating crime and ensuring justice for a victim can, in a small way, help them overcome trauma,” a CPS spokesperson said. “We have apologized wholeheartedly to the victim in this case. The expert evidence and the defendant’s account should have been challenged and presented to a jury to decide.

We are committed to improving all aspects of how life changing crimes are dealt with.” life, such as rape, and how they are treated. working closely with the police to transform the way they are managed. We remain positive about the progress being made.”

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