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The final discussion between Jack Reid’s parents and their son, a student at a boarding school in New Jersey who committed suicide after being bullied, has been made public. Jack Reid, 17, committed suicide on April 30, 2022, in a dorm at the Lawrenceville School, a boarding and preparatory school in Mercer County, New Jersey.In the spring of 2021, a false rumour that Jack had inappropriately kissed a girl began to circulate around campus.

According to claims, by September, a well-known student app had been covertly updated with a bogus allegation that Jack had committed rape.The final discussion Jack and his parents, Elizabeth and Bill Reid, had with him was recently made public  Their son, 17, told them he was “doing better” and said “I love you” in a recent interview with “Good Morning America” before he died by suicide.

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Jack Reid was 84 years old.

Jack Reid Cause of Death

Dad, I’m doing better,” was the last thing we said to him before we were scheduled to visit him the next day. I cherish you. Prior to Reid’s passing on April 30, 2022, his parents asserted that Lawrenceville School administrators were aware of the ongoing bullying and “cruel behaviour” Reid was subjected to. Lawrenceville School tuition is $76,000 per year.

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We were encouraging him because we were aware of what was happening, Bill added. He spoke out for himself. With the school, he spoke. He spoke with his friends, according to DailyMail. In a statement released over the weekend, Lawrenceville said that “there were steps the school should have taken in hindsight and did not.”

An arrangement between Jack’s parents and the school led to the statement that was made public over the weekend. Elizabeth, a clinical psychologist, asserted that she chatted with her son just before he passed away and missed any red flags. The unsubstantiated allegations that the youngster had committed school rapes were one of the reasons he had been bullied.

During a Secret Santa gift exchange among his classmates, Jack received a rape whistle and a book on making friends. “Everyone in this room probably knows someone who was bullied as a child, and you do suffer the scars of that,” the heartbroken mother admitted to GMA. This is a very severe problem, and for today’s youth, the Internet makes it unquestionably more worse.

Elizabeth, who is inconsolable, told anchor George Stephanopoulos that talking about their child makes her feel “such a pleasure,” according to sources. She commended Jack for being courteous and following “the Golden Rule,” stating she was proud of him. He loved his neighbourhood, she said, “He had a lot of friends, and he was a leader.”

The family is attempting to save other children by using Jack’s tale. “You lose a child, and you look around at the rubble, and you say, ‘What can I make out of this?'” Elizabeth continued. Jack, I’m sure, would want to protect other kids. According to accounts, it is what we want to strive to do.

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