“I felt afraid to go on set”: Park So-Dam opens up about filming Phantom prior to thyroid cancer diagnosis

Park So-dam, who shot to acclaim with Parasite and Record of Youth, focused on the battles she needed to defeat while shooting her most recent task, Apparition. The film was shot in late 2021, just before the entertainer was determined to have papillary thyroid malignant growth.

The 31-year-old sat in a meeting with Newsen for Apparition on January 16, 2023. She talked about the hardships she looked during the time and referenced that she at first thought she was worn out. She was frightened to film and, surprisingly, cried, feeling self-reproachful towards the cast and team. As interpreted by means of Soompi:


“While recording, I didn’t have a clue about my body was in torment. I simply thought it was burnout. It was whenever I first felt reluctant to go on set. I think my body was conveying me a message, however I simply considered it a psychological issue. I felt so remorseful towards the chief and my seniors. In the wake of shooting, I even cried on the grounds that I felt apologetic.”Phantom entertainer Park So-dam shares her ongoing wellbeing status and the numerous ways she’s dealing with herself

In December 2021, Park So-dam’s office informed that she was determined to have papillary thyroid malignant growth and had finished her medical procedure. It required place during the investment of Extraordinary Conveyance advancements, and the organization referenced that the entertainer wouldn’t be partaking in them.

The impending film, Ghost, was one of the ventures Park So-dam was associated with before she was analyzed. The entertainer shared that she nearly lost her voice and how, had the voice accounts been somewhat late, she could never have had the option to finish it. She made sense of:

“While sitting tight for my biopsy results, I did my voice accounts for Apparition. I was in a terrible state, to the place where I nearly lost my voice, so on the off chance that I was only a tad nibbled late, I nearly would’ve been not able to do the accounts.”
In the wake of getting serious about her battles with creation, she shared the positive things she gained from the negative insight:

“I’ve recuperated my wellbeing and I feel appreciative nowadays that I can meet heaps of individuals and welcome them with my own voice. In spite of the fact that I’ve improved, my skin has been a wreck because of chemical irregular characteristics.”
The Apparition entertainer added:

“While going to pilates five or six times each week, I’m rediscovering my body’s stream. While my endurance has not completely gotten back to what it used to be, assuming I ponder this time last year, I can contemplate how cheerful I am.”

According to Chosun, Park So-dam likewise went on an extended performance trip for self-reflection. She ventured out to Spain, Switzerland, London, and Iceland and was eager to see that outsiders perceived her as the entertainer from Parasite and Record of Youth.

Ghost is set during the Japanese colonization of Korea in 1993 and is a government operative spine chiller film. Park So-dam assumes the part of Yuriko, an aggressive and beguiling secretary of the Public authority General political issues boss. The film was delivered on January 18.

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