HYBE Labels K-pop artists’ alleged list reveals their schedules for the first half of 2023

As of late, a supposed rundown of timetables concerning HYBE Names K-pop specialists has been circling around the web. However it has as of late acquired consideration, the rundown incorporates a significant number of the occasions and deliveries that the mark’s K-pop specialists have anticipated the initial a half year of 2023. The very reason it has been ruling the web is because of the exactness of the timetables of the specialists up until this point.

For January, the rundown referenced a NewJeans and TXT rebound alongside a coordinated effort tune by BTS Jimin with somebody from the K-pop industry, and every one of them have materialized. NewJeans delivered their single OMG, TXT has their collection The Name Section: Enticement booked for January, and BTS Jimin’s cooperative tune with BIGBANG’s Taeyang, Energy, was additionally delivered on January 13.


However the actual organization hasn’t affirmed the authenticity of the rundown, the precision with which the rundown has adjusted the occasions and timetables of the HYBE Names K-pop specialists has charmed many fans on what potential deliveries they can anticipate from the craftsmen.

Beginning with the impending month of February, the rundown has anticipated two rebounds for the month. One is from the K-pop kid bunch SEVENTEEN, and the other is named ‘Bang-solo.’ The previous is in all probability a reference to SEVENTEEN BooSeokSoon’s rebound planned for February 6.

The last option, then again, given its dubiousness, could be a performance project from the previous HYBE President and current Chief of Big Hit Diversion, Bang Shi-hyuk. Since he has implied a couple of times that he needs to focus on music, fans guess that it very well may be from Contract killer Bang. In any case, there’s someone else from HYBE Names K-pop craftsmen that this title can allude to. BTS Jimin, who has been guessed to have an independent collection really taking shape, could likewise be the one that the rundown is alluding to.

Yet again for the long stretch of Spring, the rundown has two rebounds anticipated from the HYBE Marks K-pop specialists. One is from the tenderfoot K-pop young lady bunch LE SSERAFIM, and the other is from the seven-part kid bunch ENHYPEN.

Continuing on toward April, there’s another rebound named “Bang-Solo,” and this could in all likelihood allude to the BTS individuals who are yet to carry out their independent collections. Most fans think it is either V or SUGA, considering that they have been in converses with work on their performance projects. One more April rebound planned from the HYBE Names K-pop craftsman is previous NU’EST part Hwang Min-hyun’s performance debut.

The rundown shows some ambiguity with the deliveries among May and June. The repeat of “Bang-Solo” alludes to whichever BTS part didn’t carry out their independent collection yet will probably do as such in April.

Somewhere close to May and June, there’s likewise an expectation of another newbie bunch entering the HYBE Names K-pop specialists, for the most part under Pledis or KOZ Diversion. Lastly, fans can likewise expect a rebound from the K-pop young lady bunch fromis_9 in June 2023.

With a small bunch of content coming from HYBE Names K-pop specialists, fans are enthusiastically anticipating the deliveries, while likewise being fascinated to look at the authenticity of this rundown.

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