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The Minnesota woman indicted on federal sex trafficking charges along with Republican strategist and donor Anton “Tony” Lazzaro pleaded guilty Monday. Gisela Castro Medina, former chair of the Minnesota College Republicans at the University of St. Thomas, is expected to testify at Lazzaro’s trial.

Minnesota College Republicans severed ties with Castro Medina last year after she was arrested in Florida. Lazzaro was charged just weeks before Medina’s arrest. Castro Medina, 20, pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring with Lazzaro, 32, to recruit and solicit six minors for prostitution, according to federal prosecutors. The two met on a website called “Seeking Arrangements,” which is used by men to solicit sexual services.

Gisela Castro Medina Age

Gisela Castro Medina is 20 years old.

Incident Detail

Relationships with younger women in exchange for money. According to the criminal complaint, Lazzaro began speaking with Castro Medina and an underage victim at the site before inviting them to his Minneapolis condo in May 2020. At Lazzaro’s residence, he allegedly gave Castro Medina and the victim alcohol. and paid for sexual activity.

Lazzaro then continued to meet with the victim, and Castro Medina would take a portion of the money Lazzaro paid for the sexual acts as payment for recruiting her. He also continued to speak with Castro Medina, court documents state. He used social media, college, and friends of his to recruit other underage girls for Lazzaro to have sex with.

“Castro Medina would show Lazzaro photographs of minor girls and, if Lazzaro ‘approved,’ Castro Medina would contact the minor and provide Lazzaro with the minor’s contact information,” the US Attorney’s Office wrote in a press release. “Castro Medina told the minors that Lazzaro was an older man with a lot of money and that he wanted to be a sugar daddy for the younger girls.

Castro Medina told authorities that she knew at the time of recruitment that the victims were minors. She also said that Lazzaro gave the victims money, alcohol, vape cartridges, food, smartphones, high-end handbags, and that he would pay for their hotel rooms and transportation.

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