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Geremy Doel Navarro and Ferron Marquise Williams Wiki – Geremy Doel Navarro and Ferron Marquise Williams Biography

Geremy Doel Navarro,  is captured on camera entering the car while handcuffed, as seen in Ocala, Florida police department footage. Ferron Marquise Williams was allegedly shot and killed in January 2022 by Geremy Doel Navarro according to police. Williams was shot multiple times, according to police, while using the Wi-Fi at a neighbouring Hardee’s restaurant while seated on the front porch of a friend’s house.

Geremy Doel Navarro and Ferron Marquise Williams Age

Geremy Doel Navarro is 20 years old and Ferron Marquise Williams was 19 years old.

 Incident Detail

At the time, the Ocala Police Department stated that “it appears the gunfire originated from the street.” Williams did not seem to be involved in any fight or other disturbance, and he seems to have been murdered innocently. Williams’ family had disclosed the teen’s autism diagnosis to the authorities. Police could not immediately offer a reason for why they believe Navarro killed the young man.

Police Chief Mike Balken said in a statement on Friday, “I want to commend the relentless effort of our detectives who have worked diligently for the past 14 months to bring closure to the horrible murder of 19-year-old Ferron Williams.

The police commissioner also expressed his sorrow over Williams’ passing. In the statement, Balken stated, “I also want to offer my sincere apologies to the family and loved ones of the victim who have experienced a significant loss.” “We abhor all forms of violence and are dedicated to keeping our neighbourhood safe and secure.

We will keep up our vigilant efforts to hold those responsible for such crimes accountable and safeguard our citizens. I want to express my gratitude to our investigators for their excellent effort and commitment to this investigation once more. They have genuinely demonstrated what it means to defend and serve our community.

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