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A hitman who accepted money to kill a New Jersey political consultant by stabbing him to death and then burning the murder scene received a 16-year federal prison sentence. In front of U.S. District Judge John Michael Vazquez via videoconference, 74-year-old Connecticut resident George Bratsenis admitted to planning the assassination of consultant Michael Galdieri.

According to the prosecution, Bratsenis leased out a portion of the bloody act to Bomani Africa, a longstanding associate from Philadelphia, who was paid for the hit by a fellow consultant named Sean Caddle. All three of them acknowledged the plan, but only two—the hitmen—have received sentences.

George Bratsenis mugshot Age

George Bratsenis mugshot is 73 years old.

Incident Detail

In May 2014, Bratsenis and Africa left their home states to go to Galdieri’s residence, where they fatally stabbed him and set the place on fire. The following day, Caddle met Bratsenis in the parking lot of a café in Elizabeth, New Jersey, after learning that the victim had been slain, according to a press statement from the Department of Justice.

Bratsenis received thousands of dollars from Caddle in exchange for the murder, and he split the money with Africa. Bratsenis will serve his sentence and then be given a five-year period of supervised release. The local press in New Jersey has been baffled by Caddle’s continued freedom.

According to NJ Advanced Media, “Caddle, 45, continues to mysteriously remain free on a $1 million bond while awaiting a sentencing date that has been repeatedly postponed, with no hope that he will see a judge anytime soon.” According to The Associated Press, who described Caddle as a well-known player in northern New Jersey politics, the consultant’s prior clients included Democratic U.S. Sen.

Bob Menendez and former state senator and gubernatorial candidate Raymond Lesniak. The docket is still mostly cloaked in mystery. The sparse criminal information conceals all of the participants’ names and provides scant information about the crime.

The sparse criminal information conceals all of the participants’ names and provides scant information about the crime. The sentence documents, in contrast to most federal court cases, are still kept under seal, despite requests from a number of media outlets, including the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Bergen Record. Redacted versions of the documents will be made public, according to the prosecution.

The plea deal states that the racketeering murder charge Bratsenis was charged with carries a possible penalty of life in prison; nevertheless, the prosecution sought a term of 10 to 25 years. According to the AP, Bratsenis has a long history of arrests for crimes like bank robbery, drug possession, murder conspiracy, and possession of weapons.

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