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Evan Edwards, a pastor, has been charged with fabricating a medical condition to avoid jail time after allegedly obtaining $8.4M in Covid-19 loans through deception. Edwards, 64, has been in the hospital since he and his son, Josh, were arrested in December 2022 on charges of falsifying documents for their company, ASLAN International Ministry.

Edwards allegedly used the pandemic CARES ACT in 2020 to apply for loans under the Paycheck Protection Program. His family intended to spend it on a luxurious $3.7 million Disney World Resort home. The pastor underwent a mental health evaluation after missing a court session in 2022 and had trouble speaking clearly in another, according to NBC.

Evan Edwards Age

Evan Edwards is 25 years old.

Incident Detail

On January 26, a judge found him ineligible to appear in court, but some believe Edwards may be fabricating his illness to avoid going to trial. Court-appointed psychiatrist Dr. Ryan Hall concluded that Edwards was not ineligible to stand trial, but was unable to determine whether the suspect’s illness was related to mental health.

Leslie Hoffman Price, a trial judge, agreed with Hall’s ambiguous conclusions, but claimed that the pastor had an unidentified illness. He was placed under arrest in a wheelchair in December 2022. “I know there is a suggestion of possible malingering in some aspects, but there are medical issues that are completely verifiable,” Price said.

When Price asked if Edwards could speak, defense attorney Brian Phillips urged a jurisdiction hearing. “Only in the most limited way, your honor,” Phillips said, adding that Edwards’ responses were “monosyllabic responses or gestures to simple binary questions.” A hearing will be held in February to determine if the suspect will appear in court.

Prosecutors rejected the request that the Edwards family care for the pastor because they had a history of running away. Assistant US Attorney Kara Wick previously stated: “This is a difficult situation and set of facts, but there is a history of flight, and family was involved in that, the same family that would take care of him.

” More than two years before Edwards’ arrest, Florida highway police stopped the family of four, consisting of Pastor Evan, Josh, Mary Jane and Joy, as they tried to flee the country in a Mercedes pickup, according to a complaint. federal.

Federal officials discovered bags of paper waste and your electrical devices in a Faraday bag, a bag meant to prevent data loss, in the car. Edwards was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada, according to NBC. His relatives reportedly claimed that Edwards became a fervent Christian when he was 20 after his parents stopped giving him money and he began giving it all to the church.

Later, the family of four served as missionaries for a time in Turkey. In a 2012 interview with the Christian Post, Edwards stated: “I was arrested and harassed by the police and military in Turkey more than 50 times. I jumped fences, escaped through side doors and hid in the most unusual places.

The opposition was filed in the form of the government shutting down my book distribution company and having to report it to the police.” family moved into the three-bedroom property they had purchased for $332,500 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

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