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A new timeline on the Oxford high school shooting reveals that the massacre actually lasted several minutes longer than initially reported. Ethan Crumbley 15, killed Hana St Juliana, 14; Madison Baldwin, 17; Tate Myre, 16; Justin Shilling, 17, and injured seven others, including a teacher, on November 30, 2021.A recently released timeline by Oakland County sheriff’s deputies shows the Oxford High School shooter spent nine minutes firing his gun at victims in hallways and in a bathroom.

That’s four minutes after sheriff’s deputies and deputies arrived on scene and saw Crumbley in the building. They discovered that the teenage gunman was still shooting at the victims. Earlier, days after the shooting, sheriff’s officials posted reports on the timeline stating that “everything” lasted five minutes.Authorities were also reported to have approached the juvenile suspect minutes after hundreds of 911 calls reached police. However, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said Crumbley was approached eight minutes after emergency calls came in. He further explained that the details of the shooting were released hours after it occurred and that investigators had to update earlier statements on the preliminary facts of the case.

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The timeline is available and has been from the beginning,” Bouchard said, according to the Detroit News.The researchers noted that they constructed the timeline using a combination of data and information from the school’s surveillance video, radio communications, and patrol videos, including details about how the weather unfolded. “To make the timeline, we had to cross-reference timestamps on radio traffic, car cameras, look at school video,” Bouchard said. “A lot of it took time. It was published early on. I don’t know how people missed it. It was verbal. We weren’t printing and distributing it.”

The father of a boy who confronted Crumbley in the school bathroom and survived has disputed details about the timing of the attack for more than 15 months, claiming the public has a different understanding of what happened at school that day. . “People always ask why we don’t have one. If it was published and published, it’s lost. None of us have it,” Michael Gregory said, claiming he has never seen a sheriff’s department timeline.

Crumbley pleaded guilty to all 24 charges against him on Friday, March 17. A monthly hearing will be held for the suspect who remains in the Oakland County Jail to assess whether the jail is still the “right place” for him, but until then a judge had ordered him to stay there. A Miller hearing will determine whether Crumbley will be sentenced to life in prison without parole or receive a shorter sentence because of his age. The next hearing for the armed teen is scheduled for June 2, 2023

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