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A doctor who allegedly took advantage of two drugged patients has died, spokespersons for the Collier County Sheriff’s Office told Law&Crime. The incident report describes Eric Andrew Salata, 54, being shot in the head. A pistol was found next to his leg.

At this time, the death does not appear to be suspicious,” spokeswoman Karie Partington told Law&Crime in an email. Salata was released from the local jail on Tuesday, November 22 after being accused of abusing two patients at the Pura Vida Medical Spa.

Eric Andrew Salata Age

Eric Andrew Salata ios 54 years old.

Eric Andrew Salata Incident Detail

The suspected modus operandi of the suspect. he was sexually assaulting victims after drugging patients who came to him for legitimate procedures. He even gave a woman what she believed to be tequila, police said. Consequently, he faced two counts of sexual assault by a person 18 or older on a victim 18 or older.

He was dispatched to an officer for a welfare check at 6:17 p.m. Monday, according to the partially redacted incident report. Salata’s ankle monitor had not detected movement since about 10:18 a.m., deputies said. A woman who spoke with the deputy said that Salata left two notes at his house. The authorities redacted the content.

“I conducted a search of the area and observed the bottom of a boot sticking out of a wooded area near the above location,” the report stated. “I continued to investigate and observed Eric lying in a ditch with a gunshot wound to the right side of his head and an exit wound to the left side of his head.”

A handgun lay next to Salata’s right leg, the investigator wrote. Salata, whose wrist was cool to the touch, appeared to be “freshly dead with no signs of decomposition.” Both women made their allegations separately against the doctor. The first woman, 51, said she went to the Spa on October 22.

“Victim 1 reported that she was raped by Dr. Eric Salata during her procedure,” police wrote. Salata allegedly prescribed the depressant Alprazolam the day before her appointment and told her to take it when he arrived for his procedure. He warned her that the procedure was “excruciatingly painful and would take three to four hours,” officials said.

The woman said that she took the drug, as she ordered. Dr. Salata was the only person in the room for her procedure. She administered laughing gas to her pain, she said in the arrest affidavit. That and the Alprazolam made “she was out of her right mind.”

Salata allegedly grabbed the woman’s private area and shook it “hard.” He released her when she asked if she was touching her vagina, according to the affidavit. “Victim 1 said that she used more laughing gas because she was in a lot of pain,” police said. ”

Victim 1 said that Dr. Salata told him that he too had undergone the procedure and knows how painful it is, and he drinks whiskey to help with the pain.” She said she didn’t drink whiskey and Salata offered her tequila, officers said. “Dr. Salata gave Victim 1 an unknown clear liquid that she believed to be tequila, and she drank it,” officers said.

The woman said she “passed out,” but the next thing she remembered were separate moments of Salata sexually assaulting and then raping her. The other woman, 71, told a similar story. According to police, she said that she went on a date on November 21. As in the other case, Salata allegedly offered her laughing gas for her pain.

She agreed to take it. “Victim 2 felt that Dr. Salata was ‘turning that up,'” police said in reference to the laughing gas. The incident allegedly escalated when Salata raped her, leaving a bruise on her lip where he kissed her. “Victim 2 said that she couldn’t believe it because she was almost 73 years old,” police said. Both women took a rape kit, officers said.

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