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Who is Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Incident Detailthe King of Rock n’ Roll’s marriage to Priscilla Presley wasn’t as perfect as one might imagine. Elvis first met Priscilla in 1958 while he was stationed in Friedberg, Germany. He had been drafted into the US Army and wasted no time before striking up a relationship with the 14-year-old woman, whose last name was Beaulieu at the time.

The star left the army two years later and returned to the US, but Priscilla realized that she couldn’t get away from her lover, so she started visiting him from time to time. She eventually moved to Graceland, Memphis in 1963, permanently. However, she would soon witness another side of the actor and performer that she hadn’t seen before.

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Ann Margret is 81 years old.

Incident Detail

Elvis was working day and night to make it in Hollywood at the time, pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a serious actor. His boss, Colonel Tom Parker, made some deals to get him in front of a camera. He had already made 13 movies by 1963, playing the musical love interest in most of them. Later, he admitted that he was frustrated by the simplistic content of the movies, but he nevertheless worked hard on every film set.

Priscilla understood Elvis’s passion for work and decided not to visit him in Los Angeles on the sets of his movies so she could concentrate. Instead of her, she stayed at Graceland. The young Ella spoke about her relationship with the world-famous artist in the August 1973 issue of Ladies Home Journals. “I didn’t think he could go all out if I was around,” Priscilla wrote at the time. “I felt like this was her job, her business, and it wasn’t my place to be there. Most of the time I stayed in Memphis and filled my time in the dance studio, or went out to dinner with a friend. I was perfectly happy to be there.” the way it was.”

However, Priscilla’s regard for Elvis’ work may have led to her downfall. In 1964, Elvis began work on a new movie, ‘Viva Las Vegas’. It was billed as another musical romantic comedy movie for fans of the King, but this time the main difference was the casting of a popular and up-and-coming actress, Ann-Margret. The Swedish-American star recently rose to fame for her role in the movie ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ and was well on her way to becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Elvis was noticeably in love with Ann-Margret, and it wasn’t long before sparks flew between them and a passionate love affair began. The Hollywood duo spent most of their time together in Las Vegas. Elvis’s inner circle also welcomed her into her group with open arms. Soon after, news of his affair made national headlines. The press got wind of what was going on just over a year after the couple started dating behind Priscilla’s back.

memories During a confrontation, Priscilla threw a vase across the room in a fit of rage and smashed it against a wall. Elvis saw the anger in her eyes and realized the seriousness of the situation. Ella Priscilla said he “grabbed her and threw her on the bed” before telling her that she didn’t know her affair with Ann-Margret would dominate the news cycle as much as she had. However, he was not happy with her actions and demanded to know if she would let him pass or not.

“I want a woman who understands that things like this can happen. Are you going to be her or not?” He asked her. They eventually came to terms and Elvis assured her that his relationship with Ann-Margret was over. “It’s over, Cilla. I swear to you. It’s over,” he told her, saying he just got “caught up in a situation that was out of control from the start.”

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