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Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia Wiki – Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia Biography

On Friday, February 17, Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia, a 12-year-old high school student from New Jersey, fatally collapsed during soccer practice. The incident sparked outrage from the boy’s family, who claimed that none of the trainers at the boot camp knew how to administer CPR.

According to News12, Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia was a sixth grader at KIPP Rise who played for the Essex County Predators. During the training session, he collapsed, reportedly causing panic among the trainers. According to the New York Post, the high school student’s 10-year-old brother called his parents to inform them of the situation.

Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia Age

Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia was 12 years old.

Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia  Cause of Death

The parents were told that none of the adults on the scene knew CPR and that they were trying to call 911. Raven Brown said it took a long time for the ambulance to get to the scene. According to WSAZ, she said: The boy was later transported to Newark University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

According to Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia’s mother, Raven Brown, shortly after her son’s death, she was informed by her trainers that they knew nothing about CPR. She said that according to her 10-year-old son, the trainers could only throw water on the boy.

Shortly after the death of Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia, the team released a statement: The University Hospital also acknowledged the child’s death: Raven Brown had said that she was heartbroken that her son had been an avid athlete and that she felt the coaches had failed him.

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