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On Friday, February 17, Richard Dale Crum allegedly murdered six people in the small town of Arkabutla, Mississippi. The victims included his ex-wife. According to the New York Post, although local Mississippi authorities have not confirmed the motive, they are investigating Richard Dale Crum’s recent interactions with his ex-wife.

According to Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance, initial reports of gunshots came from a gas station convenience store, where one person was killed. Crum then allegedly went to the home of his ex-wife, where he, too, is said to have fatally shot her. Authorities later discovered Richard Dale Crum on the premises of his home. They also recovered four more bodies from the vicinity. The suspect reportedly surrendered without a fight.

Richard Dale Crum Age

Richard Dale Crum was 52 years old.

Richard Dale Crum  Cause of Death

He has been charged with first degree murder, although authorities have stated that he will most likely face additional charges in the coming days. In an official statement, Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance said the incident was a rarity in the small village of Arkabutla, which has a population of about 300 people. Lance said:

While the motive is being investigated, authorities have deduced that some of the victims were known to the suspect. However, the nature of his connection to all of them has not been determined. Some media outlets reported that after shooting his ex-wife, Crum also shot his stepfather and his stepfather’s sister. Ethan Cash, an 18-year-old who was in the area, said he was first alerted to the killings by a passerby. brother was shot.

He added that since he had a licensed firearm, he considered shooting Richard Dale Crum, but ultimately decided against it because the situation was too chaotic. He also said it was hard to pinpoint the shooter in the chaos: Cash added that he tried to treat the victim near the crime scene at the gas station, but the man ultimately died. In an official statement, President Joe Biden referred to the massacre, saying:

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