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A teenager in Colorado died while trying to help rescue two girls and a boy who were trapped in a frozen lake. 14-year-old hero Dyllan Whittenburg died in the catastrophe, while the other children survived. In an interview with local media on Tuesday, the family of Dyllan Whittenburg said he drowned while trying to save three other young men from the frigid waters of Crystal Lake.

The other three children were eventually washed ashore with the help of neighbors, but a dive team had to recover Dylan. The teen died on Thursday afternoon, November 24, one day after his 14th birthday, WDSU reports. Speaking to CBS, Whittenburg’s aunt Yvonne Wenzel said: “To the best of our understanding, Dylan saw there was a problem, and he just ran from what everyone was saying and dove into the water.”

Dyllan Whittenburg Age

Dyllan Whittenburg is 14 years old.

Dyllan Whittenburg  Cause of Death

She added: “Unfortunately, Dylan went under and no one could find him fast enough to catch him.” According to West Metro Fire Rescue, neighbors pulled Dylan’s friends, two girls and a boy, to shore using hoses, extension cords and ropes. Dylan was eventually pulled from the water and sent to a nearby hospital by a scuba team.

He died the day after his 14th birthday, two days after spending the day in a hospital bed. The death is still being investigated by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. The Roxborough neighborhood held a candlelight vigil at Crystal Lake Thursday to honor Dylan, who left behind three younger siblings.

A friend named McKayla Weadick said: “He helped me through so many things. Through thick and thin. We were always together. We have so many memories together,” the New York Post reported. Dylan’s parents watched as balloons were released in his honor as they sat by the lakeshore. His father said: ”

He touched everyone. That boy was incredible.” The boy’s aunt expressed her wish that her niece be considered a hero. She told WDSU: “It’s so overwhelming. I can’t believe the amount of love that was shown here for my nephew tonight, it was just unreal.”

A parent of a child who went to the same school as Dylan shared prayers in a message posted on Facebook. The post mentions how his son met the teen hero. “We asked Bryson if he knew Dyllan and he said he didn’t recognize his name, then once he saw his picture, he said yes, I met him once at football practice when Bryson’s team was playing Bryson’s team. eighth grade that Dyllan was playing in.

Bryson said his coach was putting a lot of pressure on him that day because of the mistakes and Dylan came up to him and told him he was doing great and to keep his head up.” He continued: “When Bryson told us this, both Shannon and I were in awe of this boy whose only interaction with our son was a moment of selfless kindness and encouragement.

I hope this message reaches his family and friends. He was not only heroic in al end of his young life, but he was a good person to those he came in contact with in his daily life. Rest in peace, thank you for being a special young man.”

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