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A San Diego patient who woke up during surgery is suing his fentanyl-addicted doctor for allegedly failing to anesthetize him properly. The captain of the fishing boat, Randy Dalo, claims to have nightmares in which he wakes up as a result of back surgery he underwent in 2017.

Randy claims that anesthesiologist Dr. Bradley Hay, who was discovered passed out in the bathroom with his pants down and surrounded by needles containing opioids hours after the procedure, failed to administer the required dose to allow him to sleep during the procedure. UC San Diego Medical Center and staff are also named in the case as defendants for allegedly concealing the incident, along with Hay, who relinquished his medical license in 2018.

Randy Dalo Age

Randy Dalo is 67 years old.

Incident Detail

Randy required back surgery after years of stress on sport fishing boats in San Diego. He said the procedure had a significantly negative impact on his mental and physical well-being. Although he was sure he had woken up in the middle of the operation, his wife Karen Dalo, a nurse at the same hospital, dismissed his concerns.

In an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, Ella Karen said that she directly selected the surgical team that would operate on her husband, however, she was unaware that the anesthesiologist she had chosen would ultimately be replaced by Hay.

Hay was still a UCSD resident in 2003 when he began stealing addictive painkillers and injecting himself in bathrooms, according to court documents. His co-workers had discovered him drugged at the hospital in 2008, so they sent him through a three-month treatment program before returning to work in November.

He was sober until 2014, but according to records, in April 2016 he resumed stealing and using fentanyl at the hospital. Hay acknowledged using the drug five to eight times a day while he was in the hospital in a 2019 deposition. Eugene Iredale, Randy’s attorney, accused Hay of stealing fentanyl intended for patient use and fabricating documentation to indicate that it was all administered during procedures.

Iredale claimed that this addictive habit resulted in neglect and Randy waking up during his surgery, resulting in fights with his wife and discouraging the man from having the second back procedure he needed. According to UCSD, Randy received the proper dose of anesthesia from Hay and that Dr. Gerard Manecke Jr, former Chief of Anesthesiology and Nurse Anesthesiology Tammy Nodler “in no way contributed to the injuries.”

“We are deeply sorry that a former member of our team violated hospital policies and standards, our trust, and the trust of his patients and co-workers,” the hospital said in a statement. Hospital representatives declined to comment because the lawsuit was still pending.

Randy claimed that despite being adamant about waking up during surgery, he originally gave up on the idea after arguing with his wife. Karen began questioning Manecke and Nodler about her husband’s surgery in the months after her argument, during which time she discovered that Hay experienced a “collapse” after the procedure.

Karen revealed that she came to the shocking conclusion that her husband was always telling the truth when she learned of Hay’s license suspension in November 2018. Iredale, who will represent the couple in court, said the hospital will be held responsible for not disclose Hay’s drug use. According to Iredale, Hay had been caring for about 800 patients at the time of his recurrence. “They’ve just resisted acknowledging that what happened was wrong and accepting responsibility for it,” he said.

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