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A Florida doctor has been charged with the alleged sexual assaults of two women undergoing procedures in his office, according to police. Naples doctor Eric Andrew Salata is facing two counts of sexual assault on a physically defenseless person, according to news reports.  The 54-year-old man victimized two women, ages 51 and 73, in the midst of cosmetic procedures after allegedly sedating them, according to a police report obtained by the Naples Daily News.

The 51-year-old woman told police that during her procedure last month, Salata administered laughing gas to help with the pain in addition to a prescription she took from her when she arrived, according to a police report. Although she admitted that she was not in her right mind, she said she felt Salata touching her private parts before questioning what she was doing and he stopped, according to the report.

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Dr. Eric Andrew Salata is 54 years old.

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She then used more laughing gas and offered him an unknown clear liquid, possibly tequila, to drink, according to the report. At that time, she said that she was intoxicated and passed out. When she woke up, she said she saw Salata performing oral sex and passed out again before she could stop him, according to the report.

When she woke up again, he was allegedly penetrating her, the newspaper reported, before she lost consciousness again. The Naples Daily News reported that the 73-year-old woman came forward Monday and told police that Salata raped her during the proceedings, citing authorities.

The victim reportedly told officers that the doctor massaged an area of ??her body and offered her laughing gas to ease the pain. As the massage continued and more laughing gas was pumped, the victim said Salata raped her, according to the report.

He said she was awake and alert during the assault, and that Salata was on top of her for about 15 seconds, according to the report. Salata owns Pura Vida Medical Spa with his wife, according to WZVN. During both proceedings, Salata was reportedly the only person in the room, the station reported.

He was reportedly arrested Monday night, the same day the second woman appeared, and was held on $200,000 bail. Share this article:

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