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Authorities have yet to identify any suspects or persons of interest as they enter the second week of their investigation into the brutal deaths of four University of Idaho students on November 13. Xana Kernodle was one of the students who was brutally stabbed among the others at the crime scene. Recently, Kernodle’s father shared some details.

Jeffrey Kernodle, Xana’s father, told The Independent that he is increasingly frustrated with speculation about the mysterious murder of her 20-year-old daughter. He was surprised because she was always alone, but she had told her father about her fight with someone a week before her death. Then Jeffrey suspects that the killer is the person she had mentioned.

Xana Kernodle Age

Xana Kernodle was 22 years old.

Xana Kernodle  Cause of Death

As a result, investigators will most likely consult with the person before reaching a conclusion, as reported by Geniuscelebs. Mr. Kernodle further claimed that her daughter’s injuries showed how hard he fought to fight the person who murdered her, her boyfriend and two of her friends in the horrific incident. He also claimed that the FBI was “not saying anything” and called the tragedy his “worst nightmare.”

“How can you protect a child? Do you leave them at home and not let him go to college? They’re not going to stay home like this,” Kernodle told the outlet. “So, it’s really mind-blowing. It is completely unthinkable and it is the worst nightmare, ”he added.

According to autopsy results submitted on Thursday, November 24, all four had multiple stab wounds with a large knife. The deaths were ruled homicides, and the killer is still at large five days later, according to the report. Xana Kernodle, a student at the University of Idaho, was born in 2002 to her parents in Sandpoint, Idaho. Her parents were proud of her eldest daughter, Xana, and encouraged her choice of her career.

The victim’s father claimed that she had a lively personality and that no one would want to be stabbed to death. She was polite to everyone and helped others without expecting anything in return. Her father and her sister have shared the news publicly, but her mother has reportedly not.

Cathy Mabbutt, the Latah County coroner, acknowledged that some of the victims had defensive wounds from the knife attack, adding that she had seen “nothing, nothing.” thus “in he career of almost two decades, according to the report. There was no evidence of sexual assault on any of the victims, but they all had “fairly extensive” injuries, she said, confirming that each victim was stabbed a different number of times and in various places on the body.

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