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Dorothy Hirsch and Glenn Hirsch Wiki РDorothy Hirsch and Glenn Hirsch  Biography

Dorothy Hirsch, the widow of ‘duck sauce killer’ Glenn Hirsch, who shot restaurant delivery man Zhiwen Yan and killed himself hours before his August 5 Supreme Court hearing, was repeatedly raped, her lawyer said. . Attorney Mark Bederow urged the judge to drop weapons charges against Dorothy, who was indicted on multiple weapons charges in early September after police found eight guns in a closet at the couple’s home.

In a new court filing on September 9, Bederow wrote while defending her client, “Glenn’s acts of brutality against Dorothy (before and during their marriage) included violent and sadistic sexual abuse, beating her, cutting her and threatening her with weapons, beating her, slapping her, threatening to kill her, extortion and contempt.” The filing concerned 10 sealed arrests between 1991 and 2012 that mostly listed his wife as a victim, on whom the abuse began in 1995, even before the couple were married, according to a DailyMail report. She also mentioned that Glenn “left her handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded while he repeatedly raped and sodomized her. He then cut her while running a knife through her stomach, hit her with a ruler and punched her.”

Dorothy Hirsch and Glenn Hirsch Age

Dorothy Hirsch is 62 years old.

Dorothy Hirsch and Glenn Hirsch Incident Detail

In another horrific incident, on January 19, 2007, Glenn was accused of hitting Dorothy with a rolled up towel. He hit and scratched her while she covered his face with a pillow and a quilt. “At that point, cops found a gun, hundreds of bullets, a knife and a duplicate police shield in her bedroom. Although Dorothy Hirsch did not need to cooperate for prosecutors to bring weapons charges against her, the case was dismissed. for speed”. reasons for the trial,” Bederow wrote.

Speaking about the charges to the NY Daily News, Bederow said: “The district attorney knew before Dorothy was arrested that Glenn abused her for years. That evidence is obviously relevant to her defense that she didn’t know the guns were in her closet because I wouldn’t. I dare not question him or snoop through the garbage he stored.

The attorney added: “It is unfortunate that the district attorney simply ignores the history of domestic violence and refuses to disclose favorable evidence by coldly ruling that it is not relevant. We are entitled to the evidence that they knew of before deciding to charge Dorothy for possessing what which were obviously Glenn Hirsch’s weapons.”

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