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Ricky Martin’s legal troubles don’t seem to end as the singer faces a second sexual assault complaint. Martín, 50, recently sued his nephew Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martín for false accusations of sexual abuse.

The latest case was filed on Friday, September 9, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to the Associated Press, and although the identity of the individual who filed the charges was not revealed, the agency said it was Martin’s nephew who filed the complaint. The singer’s lawyer José Andréu-Fuentes has again denied the charges. “These claims are grossly offensive and completely unrelated to reality. When this man previously made similar accusations, his legal case had to be dropped, especially since he himself admitted under oath that Ricky Martin had never assaulted him in any way,” Deadline quoted Andréu-Fuentes as saying.

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Ricky Martin is 50 years old.

Incident Detail

The attorney continued: “Now, after being sued for trying to extort money from Mr. Martin, he is trying to spread his lies again. It is time for the media to stop giving this deeply concerned individual the oxygen of publicity and allow him to get the help he clearly needs.”

Martin had previously been accused of domestic violence by his nephew, and a restraining order was issued, but later overturned. Martin has filed a $20 million lawsuit against his nephew for trying to “murder” his character. “Defendant Sanchez’s reckless, malicious, and culpable actions were motivated by a desire to expose Plaintiff to the hatred and disdain of his fan base, threaten his business opportunities, and destroy his reputation,” reads a portion of the filing redacted by Martin’s rep.

In the lawsuit, Martin sued his 21-year-old nephew for sharing sensitive information such as his cell phone number and Instagram posts, which subsequently caused him to lose $20 million worth of settlements. The incestuous claims made by Dennis were quickly dismissed by Martin and his representatives, who claim that the other party is doing it solely for publicity. But now, Martin and his associates have to deal with a new sexual assault charge. With the latest statements by Andréu-Fuentes, it is evident that Martín has already dismissed the new accusations that are harming his business.

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