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An ‘erratic’ New York woman, accused of brutally stabbing her two youngest children, reportedly ‘thought her children were demons’. The three-year-old and 11-month-old boys, identified as Deshawn Fleming and Octavius ??Canada, were found dead under their clothes in a bathtub at their Bronx home at 246 Echo Place near Mount Hope.

Authorities believe the boys’ mother, Dimone “Brenda” Fleming, brutally stabbed them before hiding them in the bathtub, according to NY Daily News. Officials have discovered multiple stab wounds to the brothers’ necks and torsos. They arrived at the residence after a call from a neighbor, complaining that a woman was acting “erratically,” police said at a late-night news conference.

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Dimone Fleming is 22 years old.

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Upon her arrival, officers found a nude woman lighting items in her kitchen. She was soon taken into custody without incident and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation of her. It was revealed that her mother had previously shown signs of mental health issues. One of the boys’ great-aunts, Casey Canada, reportedly told the NY Daily News that the demon-obsessed mother thought the little boys were “devils.”

“She thought the children were demons,” she allegedly said. “She said that she was afraid of them. She definitely loved them for sure. That was not fake. Backing up Casey’s claims, one of the family’s neighbors claimed that the mother was wrong. “We missed the signs [that] everyone in the building saw. She wasn’t right!” Crystal Roebuck told the New York Post:

“The signs were there! Now everyone there is crying, ‘Boo hoo, I should have, I could have’, they didn’t do anything! They heard her scream, mistreating those babies! They did nothing. They just put their ear muffs on and turned up the volume on the tv! Are you crying now?!”

Fleming’s father, Dwane “Dee” Fleming, believes that his daughter has postpartum depression. “Dimone was going through some stuff,” Dwane Fleming said. “And my sister said she’s going to take the kids and Dimone is going to the hospital and we’re going to get help for that. Dimone wanted to get treatment for herself.”

The children’s father, Columbus Canada, who discovered his children dead in the bathtub, had had an argument with Fleming the day before. He left home a day earlier and stayed in his car overnight, The Mail reported. Authorities have not arrested the father nor do they believe he was involved in the killings.

Witnesses who live in the building told ABC they heard the father scream after discovering the body of his son. He “he was screaming hysterically. He was yelling, ‘Help me!’ And I come and I open my door and I see him coming down the hall with the two children in his arms,” ??neighbor Shannon Holyfield told the outlet.

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