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In a recent update on Debbie Collier’s death, a neighbor revealed that they heard “screaming and fighting” at the family’s home on Saturday, September 10. Collier was found dead and naked in a ravine on Sunday, September 11, near a wooded area in Tallulah. Falls, Georgia.

According to the New York Post, neighbors said: “There was commotion in the house, someone comes to visit us on weekends [and] at night, and there is loud screaming and fighting.”

Debbie Collier Age

Debbie Collier is 59 ears old.

Debbie Collier Cause of Death

Meanwhile, another neighbor, Ricky, said both Collier and her husband Steve were lonely people and didn’t mix with other people on the street. “When we would gather here on the block for a cookout, they never participated,” he said. he told her, adding that many locals didn’t even know their names. “They didn’t come to any meetings. From what I can tell, they have lived here quite a while,” she added. Police declared Collier’s death a homicide and said she had executed search warrants and interviewed relevant people. However, the research team has not yet revealed any important information.

According to the New York Post, one of Collier’s friends said, “There’s a reason we’re keeping quiet.” Meanwhile, Steve told police that he last saw his wife at 9:00 p.m. m. Saturday and that his car was still in the driveway when he left for work the next morning. He also told investigators that he slept apart from her wife because she snored from her and that he didn’t see her before she disappeared.

Later, he also confirmed that he did not recall seeing her wife the next morning, but said that he saw her rented van still parked in the driveway. He therefore assumed that she was still asleep in her room. Collier married Steve in 2013 and had worked as a front desk manager at Carriage House Realty in Athens for many years.

Collier had sent one last chilling note to her daughter, Amanda Bearden, which read: “They won’t let me go, I love you, there’s a house key in the blue pot by the door.” daughter $2,385 via Venmo Bearden revealed that Collier had no history of mental health issues or suicidality.

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