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Thomas Nutt, who a few weeks ago was found guilty of murdering his wife Dawn Walker, has been sentenced to a minimum of 22 years in prison. The 46-year-old man killed his 52-year-old wife just hours after exchanging vows in October last year. Dawn Walker’s body was discovered four days after the gruesome murder.

According to The Daily Mail, West Yorkshire Police released chilling CCTV footage of the defendant dragging her suitcase after packing her body on the night of the murder. The publication revealed that Thomas Nutt stored her body in a closet before putting it in a suitcase. Dawn Walker’s body was later dumped in the bushes behind her house.

Dawn Walker Age

Dawn Walker was 53 years old.

Dawn Walker Cause of Death

The murder trial at Bradford Crown Court heard that Nutt, who hails from Lightcliffe, near Halifax, broke his wife’s leg to stuff her body into the suitcase. CCTV footage also showed Thomas and Walker walking in their wedding suits as they returned from the pub where they held their nuptials. Judge Jonathan Rose, while sentencing Thomas Nutt, said: “It remains a mystery why he killed this woman he had married just hours before taking her life.”

He continued: “The impact of this woman’s sudden and violent death, in what should have been a moment of great happiness, will inevitably be substantial on those closest to her.” Judge Jonathan Rose added: “Dawn Walker died because you are a thug used to controlling and manipulating women, I am sure you dominated her with your controlling behavior and this culminated in unjustifiable violence on October 27, as a result of what which she lost her life at your hands.

Dawn Walker was last seen alive by the taxi driver who took the duo back to their home on their wedding day, namely October 27, 2021. Thomas Nutt initially blamed his wife’s disappearance on health. her mind. messages convincing her youngest daughter to help him find her knowing that she was dead. On CCTV footage, Thomas Nutt can be seen after dragging the suitcase back to the garden to clean tire marks from the mud.

Dawn Walker’s body was found near a playground by neighbors looking for her after Nutt reported her missing. Thomas Nutt had earlier told police that they honeymooned in Skegness, however Judge Jonathan Rose claimed there was no evidence to support his claims. According to The Daily Mail, Walker’s sister, Lisa, claimed that Nutt manipulated her victim and isolated her from her family for three years “before her ungodly hands took her away from us forever.” . In addition, she told the court: “I cry for my sister who suffered so much and she felt that she had no one to turn to because this man made her feel useless.”

In a statement read out in court, Dawn Walker’s eldest daughter Codie said: “There are no words to describe how we feel every day, waking up knowing what this person did to you is truly heartbreaking for one and all. of us. I pray that he is never allowed to do this to another family.”

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