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In Tennessee, a 43-year-old man was detained after it was claimed that he shot her brother in the head as he attempted to stop him from slashing his ex-girlfriend to death with a samurai sword in front of their young son.Indicted on one count of first-degree attempted murder, two charges of aggravated assault, and one count of aggravated burglary, David J. Smith was taken into jail on Monday.

According to a probable cause document obtained by the ABC and Fox affiliates in Chattanooga, Tennessee, WTVC, police from the Chattanooga Police Department responded to a 911 call regarding shots being fired at a home near Hixson, Tennessee, early on Sunday morning. When they arrived, first responders reportedly discovered Trevor Bennett motionless and laying in the driveway.

David J. Smith Age

David J. Smith is 79 years old.

David J. Smith Incident Detail

Bennett was taken by ambulance to the hospital by emergency personnel. Investigators were informed by the victim’s sister that Smith unexpectedly arrived at her residence on Sunday at around 3 a.m. and appeared intoxicated. She allegedly expressed anxiety when informing police that Smith had previously physically abused her.

Smith first left the house unharmed, but then allegedly returned brandishing what the police described as a samurai sword. As soon as Smith accused her of sleeping with other guys and cheating on him, the situation swiftly turned violent. According to the police affidavit, “Mr. Smith grabbed [his ex-girlfriend] by the throat.

” Then he said that if she wasn’t going to be with him, she wasn’t going to be with anyone else. The woman started to scream for assistance as she feared for her life. Answering the phone, her brother approached Smith while carrying a weapon up the stairs. The child of Smith and his ex-girlfriend reportedly entered the room to observe the argument between the two as it was happening.

Smith shoved his ex-girlfriend to the ground when Bennett and the child arrived, according to Chattanooga CBS station WDEF. She apparently admitted to authorities that she didn’t know how the rest of the attack went down. According to the youngster, Bennett, his uncle, shoved Smith out the front door while their argument continued outside the house. The youngster claimed that after momentarily stopping to assist his mother, he went outside to witness his father shooting his uncle.

“[The child] said when he got outside, he saw [Smith] on his back, just a few feet away, shoot [Bennett] in the head who was standing over him,” officers allegedly said in the affidavit.  Smith escaped the scene but was apprehended the next day. He was arrested and taken to the Hamilton County Jail with a $150,000 bail.Bennett’s family said he had undergone brain surgery and survived the shooting, according to WDEF’s report on Tuesday.

Bennett’s sister, according to WTVC, said that her brother “died” while attempting to save her from her violent ex-boyfriend. Law&Crime sent messages to the Chattanooga Police Department, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, and Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office seeking clarification on Bennett’s situation and the accusations against Smith, but none of the offices responded right away.

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