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According to The Telegraph, on Thursday, 46-year-old Marco Bettolini was catching up with his colleague Alberto Pin, 31, when he lost his footing due to disorientation brought on by the heady fumes released during the wine-making process. At around 2:00 PM, Pin is thought to have entered the autoclave vat at the Ca’ di Rajo winery in northeast Italy after finding the taps weren’t working properly and getting sick from the fumes. Bettolini, who had followed him to assist him, was also harmed by the fumes.

According to the local newspaper Tribuna di Treviso, Bettolini fell a few meters and smacked his head on the ground, where there was still some wine. According to Wine News, Pin was brought to a hospital in Teviso in a critical condition.According to News Italy 24, he had his heart restarted and is now in a medically induced coma. Surveillance footage from the entire event has not yet been made public. “Our sadness is overwhelming. These individuals are two brothers and two sons to us. According to Simone Cecchetto, owner of the winery,

Marco Bettolini Age

Marco Bettolini was 46 years old.

Marco Bettolini Cause of Death

“My thoughts are with these two men, who grew up with us, and with their families. We offer prayers for the injured young man’s quick recovery. Bettolini has been a winemaker and cellar manager for the business since 2018, according to Wine News. According to La Repubblica, a coworker remarked of him, “He was a great worker, a very generous and reserved person.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, the skilled winemaker also served as a consultant for various wine businesses and was an agronomic with a focus on crop development and soil management. In honoring the two employees, Veneto’s president, Luca Zaia, asked the Tribuna di Treviso: “Why today? Why was there such suffering for those who hardly deserved it?I send my sincere sympathies to the bereaved families affected by this tragedy as well as to everyone who knew and cared about the victim and is currently worried about their hospitalized coworker.

Although no one has been charged and the incident is still being investigated, it has raised questions about production safety in the Italian wine sector.According to News Italy 24, the chief prosecutor Marco Martani stated that the early evidence showed “no one should have entered that autoclave.” According to Martani, special masks and systems should have been employed, and an outside business should have been contacted about the failure.

Following the event, staff members of Ca’ di Rajo gathered to place a bouquet of flowers in the cellar. Andrea Zanella, a coworker, told La Repubblica that “Alberto and Marco are two brothers for me and for all of us, this is a family for us.” “In our suffering, we have grown close, and we are close to the families of Marco and Alberto. Please be considerate of our severe suffering. All we ask is for Alberto to come back to us soon. When it comes to.

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