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Comedian Dave Chappelle left Perth on a private plane hours after a chaotic brawl in the audience forced him to stop his performance midway. The Emmy-winning comedian was performing to a packed audience at RAC Arena on Thursday, February 2, when a riot including yelling and profanity broke out in the back of the venue.

Chappelle has enforced a strict no-phone rule during his show for at least six years, and no video of the chaotic incident has surfaced. Following the dramatic opening of his Australian tour, Chappelle was seen leaving a private jet hangar at Perth Airport and entering the airport early on the morning of Friday, February 3, according to the Daily Mail.

Dave Chappelle Age

Dave Chappelle is 49 years old.

Incident Detail

“About halfway through the set, there was a lot of shouting, cursing and commotion coming from one of the upper tiers at the back,” an attendee told The West Australian. “When he realized a fight had broken out, he made a joke about his shitty behaviour, before quickly moving on. It was an amazing show and luckily the fight didn’t ruin it. Dave Chappelle and the arena staff handled it very good.”

Security personnel reportedly had to break up the fight for 10 minutes. Chappelle will give two performances at Sydney’s Olympic Park this weekend. A few days ago, he was seen interacting with fans and taking pictures outside a Jamaican restaurant in Surry Hills, Sydney. He has two more sets scheduled in Melbourne for next weekend, after which he will travel to Brisbane and Auckland.

Tickets for their Sydney shows at Qudos Bank Arena start as low as $188. Chappelle has previously given an explanation for his strict no-phones rule. “So I knew that whatever I said in the room I was saying to everyone whether they were in the room or not, which is not an empowering feeling as a comedian. It’s like Fight Club rules apply.

What I’m telling you is I’d rather keep it in the room the other thing is comedians need the element of surprise so if someone sees the joke I’m doing before I get to that town then I have to do all the new jokes and I might I don’t type fast enough. I say a lot of crazy things, it’s not malicious, but there you go.”

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