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Darryl Tyree Williams Wiki – Darryl Tyree Williams Biography

On January 17, 2023, Darryl Tyree Williams was pronounced dead after a violent encounter with Raleigh police officers. Nearly a month after the encounter, the Raleigh Police Department released body camera footage of the incident, sparking outrage among netizens on various platforms. In footage of the incident, officers can be seen approaching 32-year-old Darryl Tyree Williams and his friend a car, which shows alcohol and marijuana.

The New York Post reported that he also allegedly had a folded dollar bill that contained white powder. After asking them to get out of the vehicle, they were asked to put their hands behind their backs, resulting in a brief scuffle. Later, one of the officers assessed Williams.

Darryl Tyree Williams Age

Darryl Tyree Williams was 32 years old.

Darryl Tyree Williams  Cause of Death

Darryl Tyree Williams tried to run away before collapsing once more. After the officers restrained him, he warned them that he had heart problems. However, an officer proceeded to electrocute him again, causing him to scream while being handcuffed. Shortly thereafter, authorities realized that Darryl Tyree Williams no longer had a pulse, and proceeded to perform chest compressions while medical personnel rushed to the scene.

Shortly thereafter, Williams was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Officers claimed that during a search, they recovered two firearms from the deceased’s vehicle. In an official statement, Dawn Blagrove of the advocacy group Emancipate NC said the death of Darryl Tyree Williams continued a disturbing trend of African Americans being killed by police.

The victim’s mother, Sonya Williams, claimed that officers had profiled her son because he was African-American. According to CNN, in the aftermath of the death, six North Carolina officers involved in the incident were placed on administrative leave. Raleigh authorities have stated that the case is under investigation.

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