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One of Danny Masterson’s rape accusers admitted on the witness stand Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022, that she changed her version of what happened between her and the actor during the initial sexual encounter at her home in September 2002 in the course of 14 years. Daily Mail reported. Jane Doe 1, the testifier, said she told officers the sex they had the first time was consensual when she went to Hollywood police in 2004 to report Masterson for rape.

But when the That ’70s Show star Philip Cohen questioned her Thursday, she admitted she had “changed her position” when she spoke to Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller in 2018. In her juror testimony, she said that by the time of that interview, she had “changed her mind” and now believes her sex with Masterson in September 2002 “was not consensual.”

Danny Masterson Age

Danny Masterson is 46 years old.

Incident Detail

The alleged victim admitted that she considered vaginal sex consensual but did not consent to being anally penetrated. Asked by attorney Philip Cohen if Masterson apologized to her after her anal contact, she told the court that he did, “but much later.” Masterson is not charged in connection with the 2002 incident, but he is accused of raping Jane Doe 1 the following year, the Daily Mail reported.

Judge Charlaine Olmedo objected to Cohen telling Jane Doe 1 that she was “taking a break from alcohol” before the September 2002 incident due to a bad experience. After dismissing the jury, the judge told Cohen, “Any witness’s use of substances, whether it be alcohol or drugs, is off limits. It’s inappropriate character evidence and we’re not going to go there.” Cohen argued that asking Jane Doe 1 about her tolerance for alcohol was “absolutely appropriate.”

He criticized the prosecution’s ‘inference’ that Masterson had spiked the drinks of his alleged victims with “drugs, molly or roofies”, claiming there was no evidence of such “nefarious” behaviour. The woman, now 48, sobbed on the witness stand as she recounted her harrowing story, prompting Judge Olmedo to call a 10-minute recess.

As previously reported by MEAWW, Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller allegedly told the court that after the first encounter, nine months later, Doe returned to Masterson’s home where he gave her a “red fruity vodka drink” and then grabbed her. for the dolls. and said, “You’re going to the jacuzzi.” Mueller described it by saying, “She tried to back off by saying no, she didn’t want to go to the hot tub. She feels handicapped all the time, she doesn’t have the strength that she normally would.”

Mueller recounted: “After a shower and passing out again, Masterson picked her up, carried her to the bed and, with his full body weight on her, penetrated her vagina with his penis. She fought back and shoved a pillow into her vagina. face. But he pushed it into her face, choking her and she passed out.” He then allegedly opened a bedside drawer and pulled out a gun, threatening Doe: “Don’t move. Don’t move. You’re not going to move.” ** g tell Marie.

You’re not going to tell Paige. You’re not going to tell Lisa,” according to the Daily Mail. Doe clarified that Masterson was referring to Lisa Marie Presley and Paige, two of his Scientologist friends. When the jury asked Doe 1 why she took so long to sue Masterson, she said that if she had sued another Scientologist, she would be guilty of a felony in Scientology doctrine.

She added that doing so would result in her being labeled a “repressive person” and “permanent expulsion” from the church. She said, “My life would end. My parents (both Scientologists) would have to disconnect from me. My daughter (who was seven or eight years old at the time) would have to drop out of school. She would have nowhere to go. And if my parents kept in contact with me, they would be declared repressors”.

The victim reportedly flew to Florida with his family for a vacation the day after the alleged incident at Masterson’s home on April 25, 2003, and during cross-examination by defense attorney Philip Cohen, he admitted that while “he really didn’t I remembered” the night before, but on the flight I still had “flashbacks” or “flashbacks” of what happened.

Doe admitted to Cohen that he had a flashback of Masterson having sex with her against her will and being quiet and physical with her. According to the Daily Mail report, despite these responses, Doe 1 stated that when she called Masterson while he was still in Florida, she told him that she didn’t remember and when she asked, “What happened?” he replied, “We had a good time.” When Masterson told her they had sex that night, she sobbed on the witness stand, crying and saying, “No, no, you’re lying. It’s not true.”

Masterson, 46, has been out on $3.3 million bail since her June 2020 arrest and has pleaded not guilty to three counts of rape that occurred between 2001 and 2003 at her Hollywood Hills home. . He would be sentenced to 45 years to life if he is found guilty at the end of his trial, which he will feature former Scientologist Presley as a witness.

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