Who Is Conrad Khan Portraying In Peaky Blinders? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth

Conrad Khan, a 22-year-old entertainer from North London, was born in 2000.He initially showed up in Peaky Blinders Season 6 as Thomas Shelby’s firstborn child.

The British entertainer is most popular for his presentation as Eric in The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016) as a more youthful rendition of Chris Hemsworth.

In 2015, he featured on Oskar in Virtuoso, Alan Ball’s HBO melodic show. From 2012 until 2015, the entertainer was an individual from Arcola Youth Theater London.


Likewise, when Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) uncovered him as his child to the Shelby family in Season 6 of Peaky Blinders, the remainder of the Shelby relatives were surprised.

Who Is Conrad Khan In Peaky Blinders? Wikipedia Bio Of Thomas Shelby’s Son Erasmus Shelby Conrad Khan plays Erasmus ‘Duke’ Shelby, the alienated firstborn child of Thomas Shelby and Zelda in Peaky Blinders. He is the stepbrother of Charles and Ruby Shelby.

He initially shows up momentarily in episode four, with many fans contrasting him with vocalist and entertainer Harry Styles.

Likewise, he returns in episodes five and six as the BBC show comes to a nearby. His acting and pretend towards the finish of the series provoked the curiosity of the watchers.

The series finishes up with a shock, and Duke Shelby has a crucial impact in reversing the situation in the Shelby family’s approval toward the finish of the time.

Erasmus Duke Shelby And His Mother’s Story In Peaky Blinders
Duke Shelby and his mom’s part in Peaky Blinders has a captivating story, and watchers partook in the contort in the last time of Peaky Blinders.

While visiting the Appleby Fair in May 1914, Thomas Shelby experienced a Romani young lady named Zelda. Zelda took Thomas’ watch and chain, yet they had a private second soon thereafter behind a hazel tree.

At the point when Zelda became pregnant with Thomas’ child, her dad shot Thomas in the chest with a squirrel gun. Her dad wanted to kill Thomas, however Thomas was transported away to serve in WWI and at no point ever saw Zelda in the future.

Zelda brought forth their child, Erasmus, in mid 1915, who was born with hazel eyes.

The words “Saxon Shore” were engraved on the watch Zelda took from Thomas, so she informed Erasmus that his dad was the Duke of the Saxon Shore. As an outcome, Erasmus changed his name to ‘Duke,’ and he detests it when others call him by his unique name.

Entertainer Conrad Khan Real Life Parents And Ethnicity Entertainer Conrad Khan was born in Germany to a German mother and a Pakistani dad. His mother filled in as a teacher in design history at Central St Martins, while his dad worked in wellbeing strategy.

The entertainer is of Pakistani-German identity and has British ethnicity. As a kin, he has a younger sibling who is 10 years of age. Besides, Khan is currently single and zeroing in his endeavors exclusively on his acting calling.

He remains at 5 feet, 10 crawls in level. The entertainer has a gorgeous face and dazzling green eyes.


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