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The husband of the missing Indiana mother, Ciera Breland, may soon return to the Hoosier state. Xavier Breland, who remains the only “person of interest” in his disappearance, faces extradition from Georgia on unrelated charges.

Xavier was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent offender last November, according to online court records. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said they did not have a timeline for his return, reports FOX 59.

Ciera Breland Age

Ciera Breland is 31 years old.

Ciera Breland Incident Detail

These latest charges against Xavier stem from an incident that occurred on February 28, 2022, two days after he reported Ciera missing from her home in Carmel, Indiana. Court documents indicate that there was “an accidental discharge of a firearm” at a home on Baldwin Lane.

Xavier told investigators that he was moving a Christmas tree in the garage when he heard a shot and then ran outside. He would then go back to the garage, locate the gun and unload it. Investigators said a SIG Sauer P365 and another handgun were found at the scene.

He also handed the officer a missing person flyer for his wife. Court records indicate that Xavier had been convicted of felony robbery in 2005. Xavier Breland called the Carmel Police Department, outside Indianapolis, and reported that he last saw his wife around 10 p.m.

on February 25, 2022. He said he walked into the store in Carmel, Indiana, wearing a cropped black T-shirt and purple shorts in temperatures hovering in the 20s. Family members said police told them she never arrived and there was no surveillance video of her entering the store.

They were also concerned that his personal phone, his work phone and a disposable phone were left behind along with her identification, credit cards, as well as the couple’s 5-month-old son and her beloved dog. Family members said she had the disposable phone to contact them in an emergency.

A few days after the report was filed, Xavier was named a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife and was arrested on an unrelated charge. Police discovered that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for aggravated stalking in Coweta County. He was extradited to Georgia to face those charges.

Court records indicate that he was accused of placing a tracker inside a stuffed animal belonging to his daughter with the intent to track the girl’s mother, his ex-wife. The case stemmed from a custody battle between the former couple.

In August 2022, he was cleared of those charges by a jury. According to online jail records, he was then taken into custody in Fulton County on contempt of court charges.Investigators said the last known time Ciera was seen was at 7:17 p.m. on Feb. 24, 2022, at a home along Highgate Manor Court in the Parsons Walk subdivision in Johns Creek.

The Johns Creek Police Department said this was following a visit to her mother-in-law’s home. It was not clear how much Xavier Breland’s mother was cooperating with police in the investigation, but it is now known that investigators collected evidence from that home when they executed a search warrant.

Johns Creek investigators say forensic experts and even cadaver dogs were brought in for a search. They were searching for blood stains, signs of a struggle, or anything that might have given a clue as to what happened during the couple’s stay.

Police said the K-9 did not find a good scent trail at the home. The type of evidence collected from the home was not revealed as the case remains under investigation. Family members are not sure Ciera ever made it back to Indiana after her trip to Georgia, but many wish she just stayed.

Xavier and Ciera had been married for about a year and had a 5-month-old son. Her family said it was anything but ideal. During the episode of Investigation Discovery’s “Disappeared” dedicated to her case, they outlined the problems the couple was experiencing.

The two met in Georgia, had a whirlwind romance, married, and then moved to Indiana after she landed a job at a law firm there. However, her family said the couple had been having problems as far back as June 2021, as they were packing to move. The family said Ciera admitted to being in a bad situation, several times openly admitting she should leave.

“I encouraged her and her father encouraged her to come home. We just wanted her to be out of the situation, but Ciera was 31 years old. I trusted her to know what to do,” her mother explained in the documentary.

However, she was trying to make her relationship work. Her cousin revealed one of the biggest reasons she stayed. “She had told me that she couldn’t leave Xavier because she couldn’t imagine letting Jackson go with Xavier,” her cousin said, adding Ciera was worried she would get joint custody if the two divorced.

Still, her family said she was making plans to leave him. She was reportedly socking away money in a secret bank account and had been talking to her parents about moving back in with them for a time to get back on her feet.

Her family believes she was just waiting for a “calm moment” to make her move. That moment appeared to have never come. Ciera’s parents have since been granted custody of the couple’s child.Investigators got ahold of a jailhouse video in March 2022 which shows Xavier Breland telling his children that Ciera will not be coming home because she had been kidnapped.

This contradicts what he told Carmel Police about her disappearance. “He just creates a different story for everybody he’s talking to,” her father said in a recent Investigation Discovery documentary about her disappearance. Her family said they remain adamant that he knows what happened to her and that he is the only one who can give them the answers they need to find closure and finally let Ciera rest in peace.

Over the last year, there have been multiple organized searches, some targeting specific areas, but still no clues as to what happened to the new mother. As investigators continue to try to piece things together, officers have been busy handing out flyers and even using electronic signs to try to raise awareness.

Ciera is described by police as being 5-feet tall and weighing about 120 pounds with blonde hair. The couple was driving a white 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan with Georgia tag RMB 5869. An FSU Law School frame surrounds the license plate. Anyone who may have seen her or her car in February is asked to call the police. Family and friends of Ciera Breland pass out flyers in Johns Creek on March 11, 2022.The family also continues to hope a $10,000 reward will get them the tip that will break the case open.

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