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A few media sources say that K-symbol and LOONA part Chuu will withdraw Blockberry Creative to join another organization, energizing worry over his future. The band and its primary singer are presently advancing their unique summer return collection, Flip That.

Chuu is reputed to be in joining BY4M Studio. On June 22, a South Korean media site revealed that Chuu is leaving Blockberry Creative and is looking for another organization, BY4M Studio. On March 29, the part purportedly documented an objection against the office.

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Chuu’s age is Unkown.

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As per them, she started the activity to have her selective agreement with the office ended. While not a glaringly obvious reason was given, many fans thought that the vocalist wanted dispersion freedoms to her work, which would involve the adaptability to set her own timetable instead of the organization’s, as well as more prominent pay.

Wikitree expressed in December 2021 that Chuu had gotten a fundamental directive against the organization and that the court had to a great extent upheld Chuu’s solicitation. Blockberry Creative declined to remark on the circumstance.

The craftsman seems to split away from Blockberry Creative and is as of now in converses with BY4M Studio, an amusement firm that has practical experience in virtual entertainment and advanced marketing. Chuu’s nonappearance from the February exhibitions ignited shock among allies.

Chuu, the lead vocalist for LOONA, made her presentation in December 2017 as a component of Blockberry Creative’s ‘Month to month Girl Project.’ In 2018, she was immediately acknowledged into the positions of LOONA. She was in Queendom 2 with the remainder of the band, yet she was extremely absent from the LOOVERSE: FROM exhibitions keep going month on February 11 and 12.

The organization expressed the nonappearance was because of “medical problems” at that point, but considering new proof, numerous LOONA devotees named Orbits accept the icon was exhausted, and her proceeding with lawful battle with the office is affirmation of that.

Given the organization’s treatment of the singer, the gathering’s fans appear to be content with the decisions. While they hope everything turns out great for her, many likewise communicated good faith that she would remain an individual from the female gathering, regardless of whether under another name.

LOONA hopes to be botched by Blockberry Creative consistently. After the office’s monetary issue was uncovered in September 2021, the association confronted disbandment. Collab As per sources, the firm owed more than $100 million in neglected installments to various outside organizations that teamed up with them.

Enthusiasts of the band have looked for help from various sources, including Drag Queen Kim Chi and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In the interim, the principal vocalist of the gathering has had a different vocation, adjusting web shows, TV programs, web series, and the K-pop gathering all simultaneously.

Chuu Can Do It, Dating Class, Wild Idol, Family Register Mate, and Law of the Jungle – Spring Special are a portion of the exceptional craftsmen’s shows in Jeju.

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