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A Maryland Circuit Court judge ruled Wednesday that Catherine Hoggle, a Germantown woman accused of killing her two children eight years ago, is mentally unfit to stand trial. Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy also announced that Hoggle’s murder charges were dropped.

Sarah Hoggle, three, and her brother Jacob, two, disappeared in September 2014. Their bodies have never been recovered, but they are presumed dead. “For all the people in the community who loved those kids, it’s a tough day,” McCarthy said. “My personal hope is that justice is ultimately not denied, but rather delayed.”

Catherine Hoggle Age

Catherine Hoggle is 36 years old.

Catherine Hoggle Incident Detail

Hoggle, who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, was initially charged with kidnapping and neglect. She was charged with the murder of her children in 2017. She has spent years at Clifton T. Perkins Hospital in Jessup, Maryland.

“Over the past eight years, doctors at the hospital have found Ms Hoggle incompetent to stand trial nearly 30 times,” McCarthy said. “Clifton T. Ferguson’s physicians did not, at any time, find her competent to stand trial during her time there.”

Doctors have repeatedly found Hoggle mentally incompetent to stand trial, but prosecutors allege Hoggle has been misleading psychiatrists about her mental fitness. “During the course of this hearing, we attempted to challenge those findings through a careful and detailed examination of hospital records that we believe contradict, in some cases, the conclusions those physicians reached during those years of treatment,” McCarthy said.

Judge James Bonifant involuntarily committed Hoggle to a mental hospital. This means that if the doctors approve that Hoggle is mentally stable, she could be released. “This system is broken,” said Troy Turner, Jacob and Sarah’s father.

“Any time someone can murder two children, and then be treated like a normal patient and given more rights than the children or survivors around them who have been affected, there is something seriously wrong.

“When it’s allowed to go on like this, it’s a completely broken system and it needs to change.”McCarthy said that if Hoggle is released from the hospital, prosecutors can review the charges and he would not hesitate to move forward.

“As long as she’s a state’s attorney, my intent would be that if she’s safe to be released back into the community, the circumstances would be such that we would burden her, even if we have to revisit the competition issue.” McCarthy said.

Turner said his fight for justice will not end. This woman is allowed to kill two children and then be admitted to a hospital,” Turner said. “She should be in jail. Everything with this is wrong.” Turner stood in front of the courthouse Wednesday with hope lost against the justice system and worried that Hoggle would be back on the streets.

“This fight is not over for me and my family. We will continue to seek justice in any way we can,” Turner said. “I give it in a year. Now that the charges are dropped, she has the will to do better.” “I talked to her. I heard what she said. I heard what’s on the records in the courtroom.

I saw her with my own eyes, her sitting there, communicating with her lawyer. There is information that her lawyer could only have gotten from her. As far as meaningful communication goes, I’d say it’s definitely there.” WJZ spoke to Troy Turner, the children’s father, who said: “Catherine Hoggle has murdered my children.”

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