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Cashton York and Garrett Brown Wiki – Cashton York and Garrett Brown Biography

A school in Oklahoma is honoring a brave young man who saved a classmate who started drowning while devouring lunch at school. It was “Chicken Nugget Day” at Lakeview Elementary School on September 15, which “students love,” music teacher Jordan Nguyen told Good Morning America. But things took a nasty turn at lunch when third-grader Cashton York began choking on her food and said she couldn’t breathe. “A teacher’s and a parent’s worst nightmare,” Nguyen said.

Garrett Brown, a classmate, acted quickly and performed the Heimlich maneuver on him at the time. The Heimlich maneuver is the first aid action for choking. This technique, which involves abdominal thrusts, back blows, or both, is used only when a person is choking due to something blocking the airway. Garrett had some prior training and sprang into action with the life-saving measure, dislodging food from Cashton York’s throat. It’s a moment neither Cashton nor her parents will ever forget.

Cashton York and Garrett Brown Age

Cashton York is 08 years old.

Incident Detail

Garrett told ABC News Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO that his father taught him the life-saving technique. “My dad taught me. He was drowning me and he saved me and taught me how to save someone else,” he said. According to the video posted by KOCO, Garrett received a “hero award” at a special assembly last week. Cashton thanked Garrett in front of the audience and gave him a hug.

The Norman Police Department commended Garrett with a special Facebook post presenting him with the “hero award” with the caption: “Way to go Garrett!” Among those praising Garrett’s efforts are Cashton York’s parents. Her mother, Tiffany Smith, told KOCO that she was thankful Garrett was able to spring into action when her son began to choke.

“It was extremely scary to learn that, within seconds, my son could have choked on food at school when you weren’t around,” Smith said. “There are not enough words to be grateful for saving him.” After the incident, Nguyen said Lakeview staff plans to hold first aid courses for students at the school.

“We’re starting to do additional classes, life skills, and one of the classes we plan to offer is a basic first aid class for kids,” Nguyen said. “That way, if they’re somewhere or if they’re home alone, or if they’re home with their siblings and something happens, they’ll know what to do.”

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