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According to the probable cause affidavit, Sullivan claimed the injuries happened when he smacked the baby’s head on the rocking rocker and hit the head on the bathtub while he was bathing the infant on Wednesday night. The records claim that Sullivan also claimed he had shaken his son at least six additional times in the previous six weeks.

The boy’s mother did not press charges, but she did report to the police that while the boy was in Sullivan’s sole custody, she saw injuries on the boy’s body that did not match the defendant’s claims. The woman changed her profile picture with a baby photo in late February and states that she is engaged to Sullivan on her Facebook page.

Casey DeSantis Age

Casey DeSantis is 42 years old.

Casey DeSantis Incident Detail

Before transitioning to special reporting, including for CNN, she worked at the independent station as a police reporter, morning anchor, and host. Later, in 2014, she served as host of the panel discussion programme “The Chat” on Jacksonville station WTLV. Two years later, she created “The JT Townsend Story,” an honourable documentary about the high school’s crippled football hero.

At age 38, the fashionable mother of three made history by becoming Florida’s first lady in 2019.Political experts claim that Casey DeSantis is a warm and amiable antidote for her occasionally stiff and socially awkward husband. One of Ron DeSantis’s former staffers remarked in a Politico feature last week that her presence helps “humanise the robot.”

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She enjoys being in the spotlight and frequently praises the rising Republican star in speeches, calling him “a good father” and “the embodiment of the American dream,” the paper claims. Others have dubbed her “Queen of Camelot 2.0” and compared her elegance and composure to Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

A source who worked with the pair during his 2015 congressional campaign claims that they have become so “in sync” politically behind the scenes that they have practically created a “singular identity.” According to sources, she counsels him on everything from politics to public appearances.

It’s different in how it’s shaped and driven, a seasoned Republican lobbyist told Politico. According to Tallahassee member Mac Stipanovich, “[She is] unlike any first lady in my extensive memory.”Madison, age 6, Mason, age 4, and Mamie, age 2, are the three children Casey and Ron DeSantis share. In a 2018 DeSantis campaign advertisement highlighting Donald Trump’s support for DeSantis for governor of Florida, the couple’s elder, Madison, made an appearance.

They purportedly obtained water from the Sea of Galilee on a vacation to Israel, and the following year they baptised their middle son, Mason, at the Florida governor’s palace. Mamie, the youngest, was born while DeSantis was governor of Florida, making her the first infant to reside at the governor’s home in Florida in more than 50 years.

Insiders and former DeSantis employees have called Casey DeSantis “paranoid” and “vindictive,” and one Trump operative has compared her to “Lady Macbeth.” She needs to “take on a more traditional role,” according to a DeSantis fan, according to the Politico feature, which deems her the politician’s “greatest asset and her greatest responsibility.” “She’s a bitter son of a vindictive bitch. A boss who worked on one of her campaigns remarked, “She is double.

She scored the goal.Jill Casey Black, the daughter of an optometrist and a speech pathologist, was born on June 26, 1980, in Troy, Ohio. She went to the University of Charleston in South Carolina, where, in accordance with The Independent, she participated on the equestrian team and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics with a French minor.

She and Ron DeSantis met on a golf course at Naval Station Mayport, and in 2009, they were married there. The Florida governor has since called this situation “ironic” in light of his contentious ongoing dispute with the media behemoth.She disclosed that she had received a breast cancer diagnosis in October 2021 and that she had temporarily left her husband’s political campaign. At a campaign event, she exclaimed: “Damn, it feels good to be here. Six months later, she revealed that the therapy had been effective and that she was cancer-free.

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