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Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Karen Read, the Mansfield woman suspected of killing her boyfriend John O’Keefe, a Braintree police officer assigned to Boston, claimed that there has been a “cover up” and that she, her family and their solicitors “have assembled all resources to get to the truth.” WCVB reported.

“It seems like we’re the only ones fighting for the truth of what happened,” said Karen Read, 42, who was charged with second-degree murder in Canton last year in connection with the passing of Boston police officer John O’Keefe, 46,.

Karen Read Age

Karen Read is 41 years old.

Karen Read Incident Detail

Ella Read responded, when asked directly on Wednesday if she had committed the crime, “We know who did it. And we are aware of the organisers of this cover-up. No, she didn’t, according to Read’s attorney. She is a woman of innocence.

After a night of drinking on January 29, 2022, Read is accused of hitting O’Keefe with her car in front of a friend’s house in Canton. The following morning, O’Keefe was discovered comatose in deep snow outside the Fairview house road. At Brockton’s Good Samaritan Medical Centre, he was declared dead.

When Officer O’Keefe tragically died in April, Read’s defence team claimed that she had “discovered evidence that not only establishes her innocence, but also points to the involvement of others in the tragic death of Officer O’Keefe.”

At the same time, the defence submitted motions asking for the study of two individuals’ cell phones that were connected to the property where O’Keefe died. The Norfolk County District Attorney’s office charged Read’s team of conducting “a “fishing expedition” in search of proof of an alleged conspiracy among these witnesses supported only by conjecture and speculation.”

The judge disallowed holding an evidentiary hearing on Wednesday, which would have involved witness testimony. The defence is asking the owner of the house where O’Keefe died and his sister-in-law for mobile phone evidence, which the attorneys were permitted to discuss. The proprietor is a Boston police officer as well.

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