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A suspect has been detained in relation to three stabbings that occurred in a college town in California. Two males were killed in the incident, while a lady was critically hurt. Just a block away from the scene of a student killing last week, police have now detained former UC Davis student Carlos Dominguez, 21. The first assault happened on April 27 when homeless man David Breaux was discovered sitting on a bench close to the UC Davis campus.

He’d been “stabbed many times.” The second incident happened on April 29 when 20-year-old UC Davis senior Karim Abou Najm was fatally stabbed on his way home from an undergraduate awards ceremony. At a homeless camp on May 1, a 64-year-old lady was stabbed through a tent. Her situation is critical. Currently, all that is known about Dominguez is that he was charged with two charges of murder and one count of attempted murder on May 4th.

Carlos Dominguez Age

Carlos Dominguez is 77 years old.

Incident Detail

According to police, he has been registered at the Yolo County Jail. “The behaviour was quite out of the ordinary in this situation. He cooperated throughout the whole procedure, according to Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel. He was hesitant and took his time talking. Will Arnold, the mayor of Davis, declared that “the killer is off the streets and our families can sleep easier.”

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On Wednesday, May 3, Dominguez was detained by many troopers; he subsequently consented to go back to the station. According to witness testimonies, a “large hunting-style knife” was found in his backpack. According to Michael Shearer of Davis, “there was a guy walking around and a bunch of police cars came down Pine Street and pulled over a guy fitting the description, who was carrying a backpack,” when describing the arrest.

“There was no fight,” he said, “but they talked to him for five or ten minutes before putting him in the car and driving off.” The Davis Enterprise received a statement from the man who first seen Dominguez in a park: “He looked me in the eye and came approaching me very quickly. He was moving aimlessly, which struck me as odd.

He had characterised the suspect as “a light-skinned male, possibly Hispanic, 5’6″ to 5’9″, 19 to 23 years old, with long flowing hair and curly” before the culprit was apprehended. A woman screamed for help, according to Isaac Chessman, who lived in a nearby tent with his companion Christine Berrios. She might have encountered Dominguez earlier that day, according to Chessman.

as it is dark. According to Daily Mail, he claimed, “I noticed that because that’s something you would do if you were investigating anything. Hey, bro. Then I said, “You look like the guy they’ve been describing who’s been stabbing people,” and he resumed strolling about normally. Don’t leave me here, Chessman pleaded. The stabbings, according to Shearer, have frightened the neighbourhood. “Everyone is terrified,” he declared. “Really, I mean, it’s so arbitrary and out of the ordinary. You simply don’t realise it, he continued.

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