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According to U.S. authorities, the chief of the Naval Special Warfare Centre was relieved of his duties around two months early after receiving criticism over the death of a Navy SEAL candidate last year. More than a year after SEAL aspirant Kyle Mullen fell and passed away from acute pneumonia just hours after finishing the demanding Hell Week test, Navy officials are moving Navy Capt.

Brian Drechsler to another position as they look for new leadership for the Centre. As a result of Mullen’s passing, three Navy commanders, including Drechsler, got administrative “non-punitive” letters. Although a career-ending investigation, they were not specifically held responsible for his death, and Drechsler has not been formally relieved of his duties.

Capt. Brian Drechsler Age

Capt. Brian Drechsler’s age is Unkown.

Capt. Brian Drechsler  Cause of Death

His transfer is the first stage of an ongoing investigation to see if any more punishment is necessary. According to officials, Drechsler had intended to retire but will instead work as a special assistant at Naval Special Warfare Command. Mullen’s passing has brought attention to the horrific Hell Week that tests the limits of SEAL candidates.

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Basic underwater demolition, survival, and other fighting techniques are part of the five and a half day test, which allows sailors to sleep only twice, each for two hours. It is so taxing that at least 50% to 60% of participants don’t finish it. It tests leadership qualities as well as physical, mental, and psychological fortitude.

The command announced the leadership transition in a succinct statement on Tuesday, but Mullen was not mentioned. It stated that Navy Capt. Mark Burke will take over as centre commander. Rear Admiral Keith Davids, who became leadership of Naval Special Warfare leadership in August of last year, made the choice. Officials insisted that the change was not brought about by incompetence or wrongdoing but rather to replace the current leadership and address the ongoing problems.

Captain Brad Geary, the commanding officer of the Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Command, and an unnamed senior medical officer also received letters that were not punitive. In a transition that was planned before the death, the medical officer has remained in his position, while Geary has been promoted to a staff position.

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