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Caleb Michale Beesley, a Gaylord man, has been accused of offering to post bail for his fellow inmate on the condition that the latter kill his ex-girlfriend. The 26-year-old had reportedly been in a relationship with her wife since April 2021, before he allegedly started hitting her. The series of brutal assaults took place in multiple states when the couple were traveling together, leading to the victim being hospitalized.

According to Fox 2 reports, Beesley had been jailed this year for an unrelated offense and was being held in the Charlevoix County Jail. Just hours before he was released, officers learned of his previous assaults and decided to issue new charges. As a result, his new bond was set at $100,000. Enraged, Beesley decided to hatch the plan to murder his ex-girlfriend.

Caleb Michale Beesley Age

Caleb Michale Beesley is 33 years old.

Incident Detail

According to police, Beesley approached a fellow inmate and pitched him the proposal. He would post the inmate’s bail to get him out of jail, after which the man would have to murder the victim, Beesley’s ex-girlfriend. In addition to bail, Beesley had also offered and promised to provide the inmate with some extra money, gifts and more.

Beesley then went on to post his own new bond, which now stood at $100,000, and was released on bond. However, the inmate who had been propositioned by Beesley informed the deputy sheriff of the Charlevoix County Jail about what had happened and what the defendant’s plans were. With this new information from Beesley requesting the murder of his previous victim, authorities contacted the Michigan State Police regarding the matter.

Trying to track him down, police soon learned that Beesley’s leash was faulty and the defendant could not be located. However, they deduced that he must have been living with his new girlfriend in Traverse City, where he was found and subsequently arrested after a warrant was authorized for requesting manslaughter and bail violations. Beesley’s past offenses, according to Michigan Department of Corrections records, included charges such as trespassing from a car and burglary from a building.

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