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A southeastern Utah county commissioner was reportedly recorded berating and threatening a sheriff’s deputy over his son’s arrest the day after Thanksgiving. San Juan County Commissioner Bruce Adams was called on Nov. 25, 2022 to obtain his son Kenneth’s vehicle after he was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a 2020 robbery conviction.

He apologized saying he was “excited”. After hearing of his son’s incarceration, he had a dramatic breakdown and was caught on camera threatening to escalate the situation with the sheriff while asking him to let his son go. During a routine traffic stop, Kenneth was arrested for disobeying the law by failing to come to a complete stop and signal before going through a stop sign.

Bruce Adams Age

Bruce Adams is 71 years old.

Incident Detail

Deputy Brayden Giddings of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office stopped Kenneth’s truck on the night of November 25, 2022, the day after Thanksgiving. Giddings reportedly said he pulled over because he had failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and had not given any kind of direction before proceeding.

The officer took Kenneth’s license and discovered he was wanted on a warrant for 2020 robbery and larceny charges, to which he had pleaded guilty and entered a suspended plea. When Adams arrived, he exploded with rage and began berating the officer, which then escalated into a heated argument. Adams hurled expletives at the officer as he threatened him with the consequences.

The deputy sheriff involved in the incident reportedly believed that Adams was “trying to use his influence” on him to “intimidate.” Now, in an interview with KUTV 2News, Adams said that he was wrong and he was sorry. “It is embarrassing for me to act that way. I feel bad for doing that. But I got emotional,” Adams reportedly said.

Adams is the Republican Chairman of the San Juan County Commission. He spent most of his life in San Juan County. After graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, he began a career in teaching. In the year 2000 he retired from teaching and began working with his father to build his cattle business.

Since he was elected to the position of San Juan Community Commissioner in 2004, he has greatly enjoyed serving the county in that capacity. Adams has held numerous positions with the Community Impact Board (CIB), Utah and National Association of Counties, State Joint Highway Committee, USACCC, and Chairman of the Bears Ears Advisory Committee

According to the San Juan Record, he defended the private property rights of citizens, the right to vote, access to public land, the reduction of a massive monument, claims of the RS-2477 highway, and claims against racism.

Reducing Bears Ears National Monument was one of his major accomplishments. According to court documents, Kenneth was released from jail after his arrest and the warrant was withdrawn a few days later. A week ago, the court returned the $150 bail he had paid after submitting the missing paperwork needed to complete his probation.

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