Who is Brenda Williams and Dennis Delgado? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Incident Detail

Brenda Williams and Dennis Delgado Wiki – Brenda Williams and Dennis Delgado Biography

When telling moving stories, it doesn’t matter who is reading or what the listener is going through: we all have mixed feelings in our chests. This story of an elderly couple in Arizona ‘walking down the aisle’ at the grocery store they first met during the coronavirus pandemic is one of those! Brenda Williams, 72, and Dennis Delgado, 78, were married at Fry’s Food and Drug store, where they met while both were out for mayonnaise in August 2021.

On the fateful day of their cute encounter, Dennis had struck up a conversation with Brenda and the couple had also exchanged phone numbers. He drove to their wedding more than a year later. All of the store’s shoppers were invited to the one-of-a-kind wedding, and all received a jar of mayonnaise with their bouquets, a reference to the day the couple met.

Brenda Williams and Dennis Delgado Age

Brenda Williams is 72 years old and Dennis Delgado is 78 years old.

Brenda Williams and Dennis Delgado Incident Detail

On Saturday, November 19, Brenda and Dennis were married in the 8 aisle of Fry’s Food and Drug store in Casa Grande. Daily Mail reports that at the time, she was searching for ‘Miracle Whip’, a brand of mayonnaise produced by condiment giant Heinz, when Dennis struck up a conversation with her.

At their wedding, the couple said their vows, surrounded by bottles of beans, hot sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup. Dennis waited in the aisle by the condiments in the deli section of the store, where his girlfriend had joined him. The wedding march was also played on the grocery store speakers, adding to the happiness.

For her wedding, Brenda wore a royal blue dress and her husband wore a gray button-down shirt and black pants. The beginning of their conversation is nothing short of a Hollywood movie. Brenda said, “I’m walking down the hall, and someone comes up from behind me and says…”

Without missing a beat, Dennis jumped into the story and said, “You know the best thing about wearing a mask? … You could walk past these [people] not wearing a mask and curse them under your breath, they don’t listen to a word you say.”

It wasn’t long before Dennis and Brenda hit it off and also ran into each other again at their local church over the weekend. Their love turned into something great and now they are a married couple.

Prior to their fairytale wedding, both Dennis and Brenda were in long-term marriages that ended tragically when their partners passed away. Brenda’s husband died after 30 years together and Dennis’s wife died after 45 years of marriage.

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