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Bradley Allen Weyaus and Alexis M. Elling Wiki – Bradley Allen Weyaus and Alexis M. Elling Biography

A Minnesota couple is charged with murdering a man they believed sold the female suspect’s brother a lethal combination of fentanyl and meth, and hiding his remains in a tote bag that was discovered by a maintenance crew clearing debris from a wintry Minnesota highway.

Rodney Pendegayosh Jr., 25, was killed, and Bradley Allen Weyaus and Alexis Elling are accused. Weyaus was accused with second-degree murder and eluding an officer on Thursday. Elling is accused of helping an offender and participating in their crime. In his 23 years as a police officer, Mille Lacs County Sheriff Kyle Burton described the case as one of the most peculiar.

Bradley Allen Weyaus and Alexis M. Elling Age

Bradley Allen Weyaus is 21 years old and Alexis M. Elling is 29 years old.

Bradley Allen Weyaus and Alexis M. Elling Incident Detail

Burton described the situation as “really odd” during a news conference on Tuesday. “Over a period of probably up to a week before the discovery was made, this body was relocated several times.” According to Burton, two arrests have already been made, and more could follow.

After public works workers found the remains of the missing Pendegayosh in a bag on March 20 while clearing debris off a road, Burton spelled out the timeline. The bag initially refused to move when the workmen attempted to pull it into the road so they could load it up and take it away.

The sheriff remarked, “It’s too hefty.” Thus, they attach a chain to one of its handles and hook it to one of their trucks. They attempt to prolong it in this way. They are unable to move it in that manner because it breaks the handle. They broke through the bungee cords and black duct tape to get a look inside, curious as to what was there.

The sheriff stated, “They see what they think is a severed human foot.” After calling the police, they sealed the container. While travelling, a police officer saw a white Saturn that he thought belonged to the offender and began pursuing it. In an apparent fast departure, the officer lost the driver and later discovered the car trapped in a driveway, according to Burton.

The house was empty. The homeowners informed the police that a man exited his automobile while carrying duffel bags and crashed into a camper trailer on their land. To their knowledge, the man was still there, the homeowners informed the police.

Weyaus was apprehended by police after they discovered him lurking in the trailer’s back corner. A hacksaw, a hammer, and black tape that matched the tape on the plastic tote were discovered during a duffel bag check, according to Burton. Police also discovered the victim’s ID and credit card in the trash, along with the suspect’s bloody clothing, which they submitted to a crime lab to be tested for DNA.

Police discovered a used shotgun shell inside the Saturn. There was no firearm discovered. According to the sheriff, security footage from March 19—a few days before investigators discovered the body—shows the suspects taking the tote bag from the apartment and putting it in a black Chevrolet Impala.

According to the sheriff, the suspects killed the deceased because he provided Elling’s brother with a lethal quantity of a fentanyl and meth combination on January 10.Although his involvement in it cannot be verified, witnesses did mention him, according to Burton. We think it was the reason he was targeted based on the information we’ve received so far and the interviews we’ve conducted.

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