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After reportedly going on a drunken, nude, and violent rampage in Indonesia, a young Australian man might receive 40 lashes and five years in prison. A 23-year-old Noosa resident named Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones was taken into custody early on Thursday in the country’s fiercely conservative Aceh province. The 23-year-old might be subjected to up to 40 lashing in public as a common punishment in the province, in addition to five years in jail.

On the island of Simeulue, off the coast of Sumatra, the alleged incident sent one person to the hospital and led locals to threaten to set fire to the Moon Beach Resort. Police have identified Risby-Jones as a suspect, and if found guilty, he may spend up to five years behind bars.

Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones Age

Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones is 23 years old.

Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones Incident Detail

Because Sharia law is upheld in the province, alcohol sales and consumption are forbidden.The victim’s wife had reported the incident to authorities, and four witnesses had been questioned, according to Senior Commissioner Jatmiko, the police chief of Simeulue. Like many Indonesians, he goes by just one name. Risby-Jones was being held at the Simeulue police station, according to Jatmiko, and would appear before the courts.

The Queenslander would not be deported, he said. According to an Indonesian police report, two locals of Lantik Village were being pursued by a “foreign national” who had just emerged from a ditch as they were ready to purchase cigarettes at a shop.

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According to the police report, the suspects “sped their motorbike towards a coffee shop. The perpetrator chased them while in a rage to frighten local residents. The perpetrator also lifted a motorbike, causing a local resident to fall and (be) injured.”

According to the article, Risby-Jones also collided with a coffee shop’s wall. According to the report, the culprit was pursued and apprehended after the residents became enraged by the attacker’s actions. He was taken to the local police station by neighbours. The Queenslander had been drinking from a vodka bottle, according to Jatmiko, who told the Sydney Morning Herald, before leaving the house naked after midnight.

Police reported finding a half-empty bottle, but Risby-Jones insisted he hadn’t been drinking. “He exited his room completely naked. Jatmiko told the Sydney Morning Herald that when the security guard tried to stop him, he was struck in the neck and knocked to the ground. Then he entered the street and accosted bystanders. He struck nearly everyone who was walking along the street. According to the police report, the local victim had foot injuries as a result of Risby-Jones’ claimed motorbike push.

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