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In order to have sex with another woman, a woman pretended to be a man, a court heard today. Blade Silvano is charged with engaging in’sexual intercourse’ with an unidentified object while they were dating and even making a marriage proposal. She emailed images of herself “shaving,” but she never went about naked as part of the “sophisticated hoax,” which featured her pretending to be an army officer.

According to reports, the 40-year-old lady met her victim on an online dating service where she identified herself as a guy seeking a woman. Due to legal restrictions, the identity of her alleged victim cannot be revealed. She only accidentally discovered the gender of her partner on Facebook. In a police interrogation, she stated:

Blade Silvano Age

Blade Silvano is 40 years old.

Blade Silvano Incident Detail

She refused to give me her consent. Every person has a right to know who and what they engage in sexual activity with. I gave my consent to have sex with a man and not a woman. I didn’t want to have sex with a woman who was sticking anything into me. The whistleblower approached Silvano, who apparently went by the name Blade Mendez, “because his image was a bit different from all the others,” according to testimony presented at Cambridge Crown Court.

The couple allegedly met on the dating website Plenty of Fish. She reportedly said to the police, “It was a photo of Blade himself with a peculiar haircut and him pointing at his hair.” That is what I discovered set you apart from other folks. They kissed when they initially met in December 2016 and later had intercourse, according to prosecutor Michael Hillman.

The defendant stated that he “had been trampled by a cow” while on duty, therefore they did not see each other for a while after that. The jury was informed that Silvano had never served in the military. According to Hillman, the defendant asserted to have left the hospital in February 2017 after which they reconnected for intercourse.

The couple had intended to wed in December of that year, but their nuptials were postponed after Silvano, who is from Lydham, Shropshire, allegedly claimed to be ill. It wasn’t until the complainant synchronised his contacts for a new Facebook account in September of the following year that the defendant showed up with a “last name different from the one I know.”

The woman also stated: “There was absolutely nothing abnormal in my interview with the police. He moved with a lot of ease. He had no fear or timidity. In her presence, I didn’t feel like a lady. He was “walking around in his T-shirt and boxers” and his chest “looked flat.”

“He always said he was a man,” she said, “from all the chats we had to the photographs of him shaving and the stories about him. She denied being bisexual when they initially met and denied charges that she voluntarily took part in a “fantasy” during cross-examination yesterday.

Deborah White defended herself by claiming that the couple had discussed marriage despite only having met “a handful of times” and questioned why the complainant had sent pictures of herself trying on a wedding gown “when it’s tradition for her to [someone else] don’t do it.” Until the morning of the wedding, she did not see him. You gave the picture because you knew there would never be a wedding, correct? she inquired.

She stated that the defendant had brought up marriage with her in her response, calling it “incorrect”. Hillman testified in court that Silvano “unfortunately engaged in a sophisticated deception” and that the claimed victim “obviously believed that she was communicating with a man.”

The defendant denies two charges of penetrative assault. At the time, he operated a cafe inside a Victorian town hall in Welshpool, Powys, where his wife Jan managed a shop selling witchcraft and gothic wares. She says that “her gender had never come up in the conversation” and that she has never met the accuser. She also denies having using the last name Mendez.

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