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A new ‘Twitter Files‘ thread shared by journalist Matt Taibbi claims the FBI had asked Twitter to ban actor Billy Baldwin, a critic of Donald Trump. In the new Twitter thread, Taibbi suggests that “Twitter’s contact with the FBI was constant and widespread, as if it were a subsidiary.” According to the Daily Mail, the National Election Command Post sent a letter to Twitter that included a list of people who would be banned, claiming they had been sending misinformation to the public.

Matt’s tweet suggests: “In an internal email dated November 5, 2022, the FBI’s National Election Command Post, which compiles and submits complaints, sent the SF field office a long list of accounts that “may warrant further action.” This list included the name of the actor. However, Baldwin’s account was not suspended. However, other accounts suggested by NECP, including RSB Network, were suspended. In a long Twitter thread that is 45 tweets, Taibbi wrote: ”

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Billy Baldwin is 59 years old.

Incident Detail

Between January 2020 and November 2022, there were more than 150 emails between the FBI and Twitter’s former head of Trust and Safety, Yoel Roth.”The journalist added: “Some are mundane, like the San Francisco agent Elvis Chan wishing Roth a Happy New Year along with a reminder to come to “our quarterly call-in next week.” Others are requests for information about Twitter users related to active investigations.”

He then added: “But a shockingly high number are FBI requests for Twitter to take action on election misinformation, including prank tweets from accounts with few followers.” Furthermore, the thread stated: “An unanswered question: do agencies like the FBI and DHS do the dialing work in-house or do they outsource it?” AI,” says a former intelligence officer.”

He also stated, “HELLO TWITTER CONTACTS”: The master canine quality of the FBI’s relationship with Twitter is on display in this email from November 2022, in which “FBI San Francisco notifies you” that it wants to take action on four accounts.” The following tweet read: “Agent Chan passed the list to his “Twitter people.” He wrote: “20. Twitter then responded with their list of actions taken.

Please note the mercy shown to actor Billy Baldwin.” The journalist further wrote: “Many of the above accounts were satirical in nature, almost all (with the exception of Baldwin and @RSBNetwork) had relatively low participation, and some were suspended, most with a generic ‘Thank you, Twitter’ letter. ”:

The internet was quick to react to the recent update. One user said: “That’s Scary AF.” Another added: “We all suspected it, but reality shows us that the sixth sense that serves us does not fail.” “Wow… just wow!” said another. One user added: “Billy Baldwin made the list.” One comment read: “Dismantle the FBI START AGAIN.” Brigitte Gabriel wrote: “The FBI should stop worrying about what people are tweeting and focus on tips on potential school shooters that often get lost.” Another wrote: ”

So the FBI wanted to keep track of people threatening to overthrow the government? So? That’s their job.” One user stated: “So the FBI is no longer working for the good of the country but has gone completely corrupt… which we assume. But now? Now there is proof. #twitterfiles #twitterfiles6.”

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