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Barack Obama was seen golfing on Oahu on Tuesday, January 3. The former president beamed as he toured the Beach Golf Club on the island of Oahu. Wearing a red polo shirt, shorts and a cap, Obama looked relaxed on the pitch. He smiled and walked with his friends to the third hole, where they took a selfie with an employee who seemed to be having a great time.

The images came just weeks after Michelle Obama, 58, said there was a 10-year period during which she “couldn’t stand” her husband and called her daughters “terrorists.” The former first lady made the claims about her relationship with Barack, 61, while promoting her new book ‘The Light We Carry’, according to the Daily Mail. In an interview with Revolt in early December, she said: “People think that I’m being malicious for saying this: It’s like, there were 10 years where I couldn’t stand my husband.” And guess when that happened? When those kids were little.”

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Barack Obama is 61 years old.

Incident Detail

“For 10 years, as we were trying to build our careers and worrying about school and who was doing what and what, I was like, ‘Argh, this isn’t even.'” “And guess what? Marriage is not 50/50, ever. Never. There are times I’m 70, he’s 30. There are times he’s 60, 40. But guess what? Ten years. We’ve been married 30. It would take 10 bad years instead of 30, that’s how you see it. People give up: ‘Five years, I can’t take it.'”

Michelle also called her girls “terrorists” when they were young and claimed that they “have lawsuits.” “Little kids, they’re terrorists. They have demands. They don’t talk. They’re poor communicators. They cry all the time. They’re irrational. They’re needy. And you love them. So you can’t blame them, right? … So they get mad at each other the other.” Michelle and Barack Obama moved their family into the White House when Malia, 24, and Sasha, 21, were ten and seven, respectively.

Michelle and Barack met at a Chicago law firm in 1989. Their net worth is reportedly now around $70 million. The deal for her 2017 memoir was said to be worth around $65 million, while the deal for her Netflix show was estimated to be around $50 million. According to Michelle, they always respected each other despite their differences.

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