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Bam Margera was taken to the hospital last month due to some health complications. During his recent appearance on Jackass’s Steve-O podcast Wild Ride, Margera revealed that he had pneumonia and had five seizures. Margera shared that he was “pronounced dead on December 8,” the day of hospitalization, and was unaware that he had contracted COVID-19.

He added that one of the seizures was so severe that he bit his tongue and had to drink the infected blood from it, which gave him pneumonia. He said, TMZ reported at the time that he had already been hospitalized once in San Diego, after which he tested positive for COVID-19.

Bam Margera Age

Bam Margera was 43 years old.

Bam Margera  Cause of Death

Doctors put him on a ventilator and were caring for him in the ICU. His condition was confirmed to be stable. Margera was released from the hospital the next day and also shared the news on social media, where she thanked his friends and family for their love, support and prayers.

Bam Margera developed an addiction to alcohol when he was only 20 years old. The situation worsened in 2007 and he had to enter rehab. However, things got tough for him inside the rehab and he left after a few days.His drinking problem escalated in 2011 and he went to rehab in 2015.

The same thing happened again when he got out of rehab a  year later. However, he did take a break from drinking after appearing on Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. He was charged with drink driving in 2018, but was still sober for some time. Although he re-entered rehab the following year, he decided to resolve the issue independently.

The problems did not end for him as he was involved in a dispute with an airport policeman who wanted to remove him from the flight because he was drunk. Margera’s drinking problems got him fired from Jackass Forever. He claimed that Paramount pressured him to provide any proof of his sobriety.

He sued the creators of Jackass Forever in 2021 and one of the leads, Johnny Knoxville, revealed that one of his scenes would remain in the film. Bam Margera disappeared from the rehab center twice in the past year and was caught drunk at a bar in Atlanta, Georgia in September 2022.

The 43-year-old former skateboarder and stuntman gained recognition for his appearance on the reality comedy series Jackass. He has appeared in movies like Grind, The Dudesons Movie, Minghags: The Movie, and more.

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